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If Indian people are given with a choice to select their favourite season, it can be assumed that many would choose winters over summers. After all, sitting in front of a bonfire with a hot beverage sounds more appealing than cursing the ceiling fan for not throwing enough cool air. Now, you can get rid of the latter this summer by installing a split air conditioner in your room. Whether you opt for a 1.5 ton split AC or one with a larger capacity, you will be able to enjoy the benefits to the brim only if you buy one that suits the dimensions of your place in which you want to install it. Also, as the prices vary according to the capacities and features, you can buy one that matches both your budget and requirements. For example, if you compare the split AC 1.5 ton price of one brand with an air conditioner from a different brand, then along with the price, you might also notice changes in the specification list. So, we suggest you check all these points thoroughly on the site. These air conditioners can be purchased on Flipkart from several brands. Some of them are MarQ by Flipkart, Blue Star, Voltas, Samsung, and Lloyd. 

Split Air Conditioners

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Split Air Conditioners Price List

Split Air Conditioners
  1. Rs. 25999
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  3. Rs. 32990
  4. Rs. 28499
  5. Rs. 34999
  6. Rs. 32999
  7. Rs. 26999
  8. Rs. 30499
  9. Rs. 29999
  10. Rs. 34990
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A tiring day at work is reason enough to look forward to a restful evening at home and a peaceful sleep in the night that will charge you up for next day’s work load. But none of it is possible if you don’t have a conducive environment to sleep in. The cleanliness of the house plays an important role in helping you sleep well, and while that is all in your hands, there is another factor that needs some special appliances for making it better and bearable. We’re talking about hot temperatures, and the air conditioners that you will need to cool down the room to a comfortable level. There are three types of air-conditioning units that you can install in your house - central, window, and split units. While central air conditioning has its own pros for maintaining the same temperature across all rooms of the house, those are expensive and that makes them affordable only be a few. What most people prefer to use these days are split air conditioners because they have no special prerequisites, not even the presence of an adequately sized window as in the case of window ACs.

Buy a Split AC This Summer

Though most of the people in the Western countries wholeheartedly welcome summers due to the pleasant temperatures, the same sentiments about the season do not appear to many people who stay near the tropics. The reason backing this claim is simple. Summers in most tropical countries mean extreme humidity accompanied by scorching heat that sometimes goes above 40 ℃. Such high temperatures also mark the Indian summers. Most of the Indian states, especially the ones that are not near the Himalayas, experience summers temperatures that are too hot. In such cases, the ceiling fans which are installed in many Indian houses also cannot provide adequate respite. As a result, one can experience disturbed sleep patterns and laziness. If you too have faced such circumstances, then this summer do not let yourself go through such severe ordeals again. You can tackle them effortlessly by merely installing a split AC in your home. 

Install a Split Air Conditioner at Home

You can skip installing an air conditioner in each room of your house if you are worried about your budget. You can instead install it in one room, and once that is done, you can share the room with the other members of your family. As most Indian households are not alien to the idea of sleeping with all the family members in one room, this idea will not seem too unfriendly to most. This way, you will end up saving not just money, but you also won’t have to go through the task of installing more than one split AC in each room. If you want to cut down more money on your electricity bill, you can use this AC only while sleeping. A night of good sleep can let you go about with your daily chores with a fresh and relaxed state of mind. As a result, you will be more productive throughout the day. 

Shop on Flipkart

You can get these split ACs online if you do not want to hop from one shop to the other in the scorching heat. You can check these split ACs on Flipkart as the site has made available a variety of them. You can also keep an eye on them during the sale season, as you might get them at the lowest of prices. These air conditioners are also available in different capacities. For example, You can opt for a 1.5 ton split AC, a 2 ton air conditioner, and so on as per the size of your room. The prices also differ according to the capacities and features. For example, a split AC 1.5 ton price might be different from a 2 ton AC price. 

You can buy one from brands such as MarQ by Flipkart, Blue Star, Voltas, LG, Samsung, Lloyd, and more. These air conditioners are also available on the site as per their energy ratings. If you are looking for one that consumes less energy, then we suggest you opt for one that comes with star rating that is on the higher side. You can also check the other listed options on the site and make your purchase accordingly. 

What Makes Split ACs Desirable?

Split air conditioners also don’t require major ductwork. All that their installation requires is a simple connection between the indoor and the outdoor units, and a reliable power socket. Split ACs are also preferred by many people because of their quiet performance. Unlike in a window unit where all components are placed in one unit, a split AC houses the noise-making parts such as the compressor and the condenser in the outside unit, and that explains the reduction in noise. You can also save some extra money by connecting one outside unit to multiple indoor units installed in different rooms in the house. What’s even more advantageous is that you will also be able to save more money on your electricity bill than someone who uses a window AC.

Buy Split AC's Online

Buying a split AC is no hassle at all. Our e-commerce portal features a wide range of products from this category, and usually sells them at discounted prices. Buying a split AC online is just the beginning of your savings on using premium appliances. The longevity and energy-efficiency of these units ensure that you don’t have to go over and above your budget to take advantage of such cool technologically advanced appliances.

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What is inverter split AC?
    A.Inverter Split AC are the ones whose compressor motor speed can be controlled. Once the space is cooled, inverter air conditioners reduce the speed of the motor to conserve electricity.
  2. Q.Are inverter split ACs expensive as compared to non-inverter AC?
    A.Yes, inverter AC is more expensive than a traditional air conditioner due to its technology. The price range may appear to be greater, but it would be countered by a reduction in power use and electricity bills.
  3. Q.What are the benefits of split AC over window AC?
    A.The major benefit of split air conditioning is that it can be positioned practically anywhere without blocking sunlight or windows. Because the condenser is outside, the indoor unit produces very little noise inside the conditioned space.
  4. Q.Name some brands that offer split AC online?
    A.Online platforms include AC brands like MarQ, LG, Whirlpool, Lloyd, Daikin, Croma, Voltas, Onida, Carrier, and many more that offer a wide range of split AC online.
  5. Q.What are three different modes of MarQ split AC by Flipkart?
    A.Three different modes of MarQ split AC are Dry mode, Sleep mode, and Eco mode.
  6. Q.Which split AC by LG best suits room size 111 to 150 sq feet?
    A.You can check out LG Convertible 5 in 1 cooling 1.5 ton 5 stars split dual inverter AC per your needs.
  7. Q.Is Onida 1.5 ton 5 stars Split Dual Inverter AC wi-fi enabled?
    A.No, this product is not wi-fi enabled.
  8. Q.Is split AC easy to install?
    A.The installation of a split air conditioner is pretty complex. It necessitates the use of qualified personnel.
  9. Q.Which out of two split AC, one with a 5-star rating and the other one with a 4-star rating, is better in terms of energy-saving?
    A.The higher the star rating shows, the higher energy efficiency. So split AC with a 5-star rating is better in terms of energy-saving.
  10. Q.Is split AC price online less than its price in the market?
    A.Yes, most of the time, split AC price online is less than its price in the market because of great deals and discounts available online all year round.
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