Algorithms by Sedgewick Robert|Author; Wayne Kevin|Author;-English-Pearson Education-Paperback_Edition-4th 4th Edition

    Algorithms by Sedgewick Robert|Author; Wayne Kevin|Author;-English-Pearson Education-Paperback_Edition-4th 4th Edition (English, Paperback, Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne)

    Algorithms by Sedgewick Robert|Author; Wayne Kevin|Author;-English-Pearson Education-Paperback_Edition-4th 4th Edition  (English, Paperback, Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Pearson Education
    • ISBN: 9788131763964, 813176396X
    • Edition: 4thEdition, 2011
    • Pages: 976

      Algorithms 4th Edition fully covers the various types of algorithms used in the field of computer science.

      Summary Of The Book

      An algorithm is a sequence of well defined steps, that, if followed carefully, leads to the solution of a problem. Algorithms are naturally associated with the field of computer science and programming, but it also has applications in physics and in genetic sequencing.

      Algorithms 4th Edition, divided into six chapters, covers every aspect of algorithms from the fundamentals to the applications.

      The book starts with a look at the fundamentals. This chapter provides a solid technical foundation for comparing algorithms and predicting outcomes. It includes coverage of programming model, data abstraction, and analysis of algorithms. It also includes a case study.

      The second chapter looks at sorting algorithms. It covers many classical sorting algorithms including mergesort, quicksort, insertion sort and a priority queue implemented using a binary heap. It also covers applications of these algorithms.

      The next chapter discusses the graph algorithms. It explains directed and undirected sorts,  short paths and minimum spanning trees. The fifth chapter takes an in-depth look at string sorting algorithm. It discusses radix sorting, tries, substring searches, regular expressions and data compression.

      The final chapter, Context, discusses applications of algorithms in various fields - operations research, systems programming, scientific computing, and commercial applications.

      Algorithms 4th Edition incorporates techniques developed over several decades and explains it all in a precise and concise fashion. Using many interesting examples and illustrations, the authors also highlight the many practical applications of these abstract concepts in many different fields.

      The companion book site contains important excerpts from the book, Java codes, and exercises.

      About The Authors

      Robert Sedgewick is an American Professor of Computer Science and an author.

      Other books by Sedgewick are An Introduction To The Analysis Of Algorithms, Algorithms in C++, Parts 1-4: Fundamentals, Data Structure, Sorting, Searching 0003 Edition and Algorithms in C: Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching (Parts 1-4) 3rd Edition.

      His books mainly concentrate on the concept of algorithms.

      He has held visiting research positions at organizations like INRIA and Xerox PARC, and is on the Board of Directors of Adobe Systems.

      Robert Sedgewick is the Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, where he founded and chaired the Department of Computer Science. His research interests include design and analysis of data structures and algorithms, analytic combinatorics and program visualization.

      Kevin Wayne is an academic and an author.

      Another book by Kevin Wayne is Introduction To Programming In Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach.

      His textbooks deal with computer science and programming related topics.

      Kevin Wayne is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Princeton University. He has a doctorate from Cornell University in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. His fields of interest include design, analysis and implementation of algorithms for graphs and discrete optimization.

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      Book Details
      • Publication Year
        • 2011
      • Author
        • Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne
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      Algorithms 4e, Sedgewick & Wayne

      Long awaited for the book to be released in India. Precise and lucid explanations of algorithms. Unlike earlier editions, the book provides code in Java (I don't appreciate providing code in specific language, perhaps the book is aimed at students) and booksite is another asset. Booksite is having great collection of problems for interested readers/professionals.

      - Emphasizes ADT, API and their implementation in Java. Speaks in terms of client code and library code
      - Pictures are well used

      Venkateswara Rao Sanaka

      Certified Buyer

      4 Oct, 2011

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      Must Have Book for Graduates

      This book covers all the key topics that a Computer Science must know.Awesome explanation of each topic with well defined code. In starting basic fundamentals are covered very nice manner.A must have book for Java Learners.

      Gaurav Sethi

      Certified Buyer

      8 Feb, 2012

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      Good one for beginners who know OOPS

      I brought this book couple of days ago and went through it (Here is my perspective).

      In contrast to "Algorithms - CLRS", this one helps you to understand the point quite easily.

      * This books explains algorithms purely with respect to Java Code. So, it should be fine if you want know C++/ Python etc (It could be a way to learn Java too!)

      * In contrast to "Algorithms - CLRS", things are explained in simple and lucid way.

      * I didn't like this book for the "only" reason that the authors choo...

      Surya K

      Certified Buyer

      20 Dec, 2012

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      Amazing book!

      This is a companion book for the Algorithms course by the same author on Coursera. Doing that course along with a regular reading of this book is enough to get you an in depth understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms. The books has many examples in Java language which makes you understand how to implement the algorithms.

      Abhilash Kulkarni

      Certified Buyer

      20 Feb, 2016

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      A Must Have Book

      This is an excellent book if read with passion and enthusiasm of learning to solve algorithmic problems. It has all the algorithms to make anyone to boost his/her programming and algorithmic skills. I feel that after reading and learning from it you will be able to think the solutions of real world problems in an optimized manner.

      The logic that are used in this book to solve basic algorithms will help you to increase your Applied Computer Science skills. It is one of the finest books if y...

      Pankaj Jakhar

      Certified Buyer

      4 Oct, 2012

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      please tell where i can get it

      please tell where i can get it my gmail id :

      in delhi ncr or online
      thanks a lot

      Ajay Kumar

      Certified Buyer

      18 Feb, 2015

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