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Dining Tables - A Functional and Aesthetic Addition to Your Home

A dining table is the second most important furniture you will buy after a sofa set. You can enjoy family meals, host guests, or even double it up as a TT table! So many functionalities in one! It is also a piece of furniture that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can place this table in the dedicated dining room or in a dining room which is an extension to your living room. You can find a plethora of options on dining tables and sets on this online store. 

A dining table & chair adds a touch of luxury to your living room through its sheer simplicity. From wood dining table sets to glass-top tables, you can find the perfect one for your home right here. Browse through the various types of tables offered by well-known brands such as HomeTown, Nilkamal, @home by Nilkamal, Woodness, Urban Ladder, RoyalOak, and others. You can also check out Urban Ladder dining tables too. 

Choosing a kitchen dining table is never a light affair. Purchasing a new dining table is an extremely personal experience for varied reasons. Seen and utilized more than any furniture at home, a dining table is the centrepiece of a dining hall/room where apart from sharing family meals and entertaining guests, it also sometimes becomes the area where we usually lounge and chit chat in a casual manner.However, before you go ahead with making your purchase, a few points that can help you make an informed purchase. You should consider the following points so as to best asses which type of dining table would suit best your requirements.

If you are planning to buy a luxury dining table set for your house, you can buy it online on Flipkart. These sets are available in various materials and sizes. These sets also come with chairs. You can also buy a single dining table if you do not want to buy the chairs. Various brands produce high-quality dining table sets. Some of these brands are Forzza, Flipkart Perfect Homes, Limraz Furniture, HomeTown, @ home by Nilkamal, among others. You can buy a set or a table as per the decor of your room. 

You can buy a rectangular-shaped dining table and chair, an oval-shaped dining table, or a circular dining table. If you are worried about assembling the set, then do not worry as Flipkart also arranges the same. You can also use the EMI option available on Flipkart if the price exceeds your budget. This way, you will not have to compromise on your choice, and you can decorate your dining room as per your liking. You can also narrow down your search online by using keywords like two-seater dining sets, four-seater dining sets, six-seater dining sets, eight-seater dining sets, wooden dining sets, engineered wood dining sets, glass dining sets, plastic dining sets, metal dining sets, marble dining sets, or folding dining table. 

Buy Wooden Dining Table Sets 

If you want to give your room a rustic charm, investing and bringing home a classy-looking wooden dining set is the best option. These sets are tastefully designed. They instantly add a vintage touch to the overall look of your room. These sets are also long-lasting and sturdy. Though most of these sets come with matching chairs, some of them even come with benches instead of chairs. For example, if you buy the @home by Nilkamal Alice Solid Wood 4 Seater Dining Set, you will notice that instead of four chairs, the set comes with two chairs and a bench that can accommodate two people. These sets look incredibly stylish and contemporary. Also, most of the time they do not occupy much space. You can buy wooden dining table sets that come with cushioned chairs. You can purchase such sets from brands like HomeTown, Nilkamal, Induscraft, Woodness, Flipkart Perfect Homes, Urban Ladder, etc. 

You can also search the Internet if you want to know more about wooden dining table sets. To do so, you can use keywords, such as wooden dining table set, dining table design catalogue, dining table set 6 seater, dining table set online, sheesham wood dining table 4 seater, dining table price, wooden dining table designs with price, etc. 

Buy Plastic Dining Table Sets

If you want to invest in a dining table set that does not exceed your budget and looks nice too, you can bring home a plastic dining table set. These sets are lightweight and long-lasting. They are fairly sturdy as well. You can buy a single dining table or the entire set, as mentioned above. These sets are also available in different colours. You can buy one that matches the decor of your room. You can buy them online from brands such as Nilkamal, Shivshakti, Supreme, and Mavi. 

Buy Glass Dining Table Sets

Glass dining table sets are also available on Flipkart. These sets come in stylish and contemporary designs, and they can make the room look modern effortlessly. They also come with beautifully crafted chairs. These chairs are usually made of metal or plastic. You can select a type as per your choice. You can buy such sets online from brands like HomeTown, Nilkamal, Woodness, @home by Nilkamal, Parin, RoyalOak, Flipkart Perfect Homes, etc. 

Shop for Dining Tables Online - Shape, Material, and Seating Capacity

The most important factor to consider while buying a dining table for your home is its shape. Take stock of the space where you want to place this piece of furniture. A rectangular dinner table is loved universally for its form and functionality and is ideal for places with a dedicated dining room or a very large living space. You can consider buying a square table as it offers a sense of proportion and can ideally fit into narrow or compact spaces. You can even go for a round dining table for a more compact and intimate setting. Round dining tables / Oval dining table give you the luxury of getting together with friends and family so you can all play board games when you’re not dining. The lengthier surface of oval dining tables offers more space to spread out your cutlery and tableware.


The shape of how your dining table should be the first consideration while purchasing one. Listed below are some of the most common shapes of dining tables that can be found in any home.

Rectangular: Perhaps the most common shapes found in the dining table space, rectangular dining tables are considered the most functional.

Square: Perfect for compact spaces, a square-shaped dining table set is a very simple design and is also ideal as a four-seater dining set.

Round: Round tables allow for shifting seating options. These types of dining sets are also suitable for compact spaces and are ideal as two-seater dining sets.

Oval: Endowed with the sensuous curves of a round table, yet roomier than it, the oval design is a popular choice with a longer area and more space for diners.


Dining room table capacity refers to how many people can comfortably be seated at the table. This would also depend on the dining room/hall size, the shape and style of your dining table as well as the number of family members. It wouldn’t be a wise chose wherein you give in to your vanity and in order to maximize seating capacity, you end up with a cramped dining room where nobody has any space to get in and out of their seat.The dining table sets usually come in capacities of two, four, six, eight, ten and ten plus. The most commonly found dining capacities are two, four and six.


In addition to shape, price, size and material, one of the main considerations when choosing a dining room set is style. The most common types of dining room sets are contemporary, traditional and minimalist.

Contemporary: Contemporary design can appear in a wide variety of looks. With designs that are sober to outright outlandish, contemporary designs in dining tables can be found in every type of material and every shape configuration. Contemporary dining room sets are often composed of clean lines, thus giving them a rather plain look unlike the grandeur of traditional dining table sets.

Traditional: The name speaks for itself. These types of dining tables come with elegantly carved wood, detailed textures, and rich proportions. Timeless and powerful, the traditional style is usually found in wooden dining sets that are made of solid wood. The utter royalty of this style of dining set helps them add a touch of elegance in the dining space. They usually come as a six-seater dining set or an eight-seater dining set.

Minimalistic: This style of dining table set has become a trend in the modern era. With many people opting for a trend that includes glass tabletops and metal structures, the minimalistic style very modern yet stark in design. They usually come as pairing glass tabletops with modern bases, or metal elements and simple, modern dining table & chairs or sometimes even elegantly designed metal dining sets or glass dining sets.

The next factor to consider is the type of material you want for your dining table. A wooden dining table lends a sophisticated look to your space. Wood dining restaurant tables are made from many kinds of wood such as Sheesham, mango, rubber, acacia, beech, and pine. A glass surface gives a contemporary look to your dining area. These modern dining tables with a glass top lend a glamorous touch to your room. If you want to bring sophistication to your home, you can opt for marble dining tables or granite dining tables. The marble-top dining tables are a class-apart and lend a luxurious edge to your home. 

Lastly, when buying a dining table & chair you must also consider the seating capacity. If space is a concern, you can go for small dining tables or folding restaurant tables and chair. These folding tables can be expanded to accommodate more guests. So, you can convert a 4-seater dining table into a dining table 6-seater. If you are a big family, you can consider going for a 6-seater dining table glass top or wood dining table too. A dining table set 4-seater is perfect for a nuclear family to spend quality time together - while eating or chatting.

Revamp Your Living Space with Wooden Dining Tables

A dining table is a place where families can bond and have their meals together. It’s a place to discuss family and worldly talks. It’s a place to have your favourite meals, bond, quarrel and do other family stuff together. A dining table is a necessary part of any house. It should look lively and unique, keeping your family’s preference in mind. A wide range of unique wooden dining tables is available on Flipkart. Take a look at a few dining tables from brands, such as The Jaipur Living, Flipkart Perfect Homes, HomeTown, Nilkamal, @home, Woodness, Induscraft, etc.

Different materials like solid wood dining tables and engineered wood dining room furniture tables will help you break it down to what you would like to buy for your home. Before you make an informed decision, make sure to decide based on the number of guests you receive in a week or a month. If you’re a person who hosts a lot of people then opting for an 8-to 10-seater dining table would make more sense. If you like having small and intimate dinner parties, then getting a 4-to 6-seater dining table would be ideal. The prices of dining tables on Flipkart range from Rs. 6500 and go up to Rs. 1,11,100.

Buy Dining Table Sets Online
Why should you visit furniture stores when you can easily get one delivered at your doorstep? Apart from saving your valuable time, online shopping sites offer you myriad options to choose from. 

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What things should I keep in my mind before buying a dining table?
    A.Before you plan to buy a dining table, consider a few factors such as the shape, size, number of chairs, etc.
  2. Q.What should I keep on my dining table?
    A.You can keep essentials needed while dining, such as placemats, coasters, cutlery, tissue holder, etc.
  3. Q.What material is the best for a dining table?
    A.You can choose the material that blends with your existing decor and goes with your personal preference. Choose from solid wood, engineered wood, leatherette, glass, plastic, and more.
  4. Q.What should be the colour of my dining table?
    A.You can select a colour that blends well with your interiors. You can go with the room’s theme or choose a colour that stands out from the rest of the decor.
  5. Q.Which dining table is best: rectangular or round?
    A.You can choose based on the space available and your personal preference. A round table is ideal for small corners. A rectangular or square table is suitable for dedicated space. A folding table is a good choice when you have space constraints.
  6. Q.Is the dining table important?
    A.If you prefer to have a dedicated dining area and are not comfortable sitting on the floor or eating in bed or sofa, you must invest in a good dining table.
  7. Q.Which materials are best for a dining table?
    A.Tables made from engineered woods are lightweight. Dining tables made from solid wood, ceramic, or marble can last for generations.
  8. Q.What is the common shape of a dining table?
    A.A rectangular dining table is one of the most preferred shapes. You can also opt for round, oval, or square based on your space and needs.
  9. Q.How can I accessorize a dining table?
    A.Add placemats, runners, coasters, cutlery holders, trays, curio, and trinkets to add to the aesthetics of your dining area.
  10. Q.How do I protect my dining table from marks and scratches?
    A.Protect your dining table with a protective cover or table cloth. Use placemats and runners under dishes, coasters under cups, and trivets under hot pots. Wipe with a soft cloth and keep away from abrasive products.
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