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Showpieces & Decor Accents

Showpieces – What Does Your Home Say About You?

As random as they may seem given how small they can be, showpieces aren’t always given the attention they deserve. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently shifted into a new house or you’re simply looking for ways to give your present address a fresh spin. Incorporating the right kind of home decor items into the room is bound to do wonders for the space you’re in.
Decorating your home with interior decoration knick-knacks serves two purposes – they let you customize your house and give it a distinct signature, and they can assist in concealing design flaws. Here are a couple of home decor options you can flirt around with to personalize your space:

Religious Idols

The practice of placing a religious figurine by the bedside table or in the living room cabinet almost seems instinctive in most Indian households. These religious idols are available in all forms and sizes, so feel free to extend the love to your car or your workplace by incorporating these interior decoration pieces in them too. Have your pick from figurines of Buddha, idols of cows (which is considered an auspicious animal in the Hindu religion), Ganesha statues, or showpiece figurines of the goddess Laxmi.
Some of these religious idols feature incense stick holders which when lit create the illusion of a smokey waterfall. You’re sure going to love having these home decor items by your bedside table.

Feng Shui Products

The fundamentals behind the Feng Shui way of belief is that the way your house is built or the manner in which you place interior decoration in your personal space affects your health and happiness. Welcome good luck and prosperity into your home by strategically arranging idols of the laughing Buddha, crystal turtles, dreamcatchers, or camphor lamps which are believed to spread peace and harmony within the house when lighted.


A cool way to add a vintage charm to your home is with gramophones. These decorative pieces are modelled after the original music-playing gramophones of yore. These showpieces come in different sizes and are typically made of brass.

Dual or Multi-purpose Showpieces

Knowing how to make the most of every inch of your personal space is another crucial art you have to master when decorating. Check out multi-purpose showpieces such as a moustache-design table decor item which doubles as a spectacle holder, wine-holders which are resembled to look like a man is holding the bottles, or wooden bangle stands so you never misplace your accessories.

Deck Up Your House Showpieces Online

Your house is not finished unless you decorate it with a few authentic showpieces. They can reflect your fine taste, and make it more lively. It is the best way to add a personal touch to your home.

You need to find the right place to keep the showpieces. They shouldn’t take up all the space, but need to be displayed prominently. You can buy showpieces online based on the vibe you are going for. If your interior décor has a more traditional setup, religious or ethnic idols will fit in nicely. For a more contemporary setting, modern or animal show pieces will fit in nicely. You could also mix it up and have a different setup in each room.

The best part of owning Buddha is that you can always move them around, and carry out a complete make over. Good quality showpieces are an investment worth making. You can choose from the different types of showpieces like Laxmi Ganesh idols, Krishna Idols with Jhulas, Buddha idols, Feng shui Products and many more

Explore Your Options For Showpieces

Brands like Aesthetic decors and ByCue have an exquisite collection of showpieces that are just right for your house. You can find one by looking through the options you have. The first thing to consider is the size of the showpiece. An easier way to about it is by finding the right place for it, and then selecting the showpiece. This way, you know exactly what you are looking for. 

The sizes on offer include tiny, small, medium, large and extra large. This ranges from below 10 cm to above 60cm

Showpieces For A Spiritual Setup

If your house has a more traditional look to it, or if you are a spiritual person, you can find the right setup for it too. You have religious idols of gods made of different metals. These are durable and aesthetically appealing. You can find one of the God you worship and buy a showpiece online. Brands like Bharat Haat offer such showpieces. 

Feng Shui showpieces are an ideal choice to add some positive energy to your house. These showpieces come in all sizes and shapes. You can get products like these from brands like Art N Hub. 

You could also experiment with ethnic showpieces. There are interesting and exotic ones available online.

Showpieces For A Modern Set Up

If you like to collect modern showpieces, you can pick from contemporary ones online. You can get creative pieces from brands like eCraftIndia and Jaipur crafts. You may never know which interesting piece you may stumble onto. 

There is a popular trend of decorating the house with animal showpieces as well. These are intricately designed pieces that you must own. You can get showpieces of almost any animal when you buy showpieces online. The elephant and the peacock are two of the most famous figurines. 

It is not uncommon to find human figurines too. There are metal ones and also colorful acrylic ones. These are found in different materials and also in a variety of colors. You can find several options from Kartique. One other popular human figurine that is most often gifted is the couples showpiece. It depicts a couple in an embrace, and is a popular wedding or anniversary gift. 

Types of Showpieces

Showpieces Types of Showpieces
Religious Idols Ganesh Laxmi Idols, Buddha Idols, Krishan Idols With Jhula, Durga Devi Idols
Contemporary Showpiece Feng Shui Products, Human Figurines, Animal Figurines, Couple Showpieces
Ethnic Showpieces Decorative Showpieces, Table Showpieces, Music Instruments Showpieces

Buy Showpieces Online

Online sites continue to be a hot favourite for home decor needs. These sites make shopping for home decor and festive needs from brands such as Craft Junction, Webelkart Designer, and eCraftIndia simple and convenient. Filter showpieces for the living room based on the material they are made of, their type, the height of each decor item, or the discounts available on these showpieces. Breathe life into you home without straining your wallet in doing so; shop for showpieces at exciting offers online!

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