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Wearable Smart Devices

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Don’t you find it exhausting to keep a note of the calories you burnt, the kilometers you ran or the number of hours you slept? Given the tiresome and hectic lifestyle, it’s easy for many of you to skip few counts. You might even forget to maintain the routine and end up living an unhealthy lifestyle. But not if you have a smart band. There’s a reason why these wearable technological bands are quite popular nowadays among the young and the old. Unlike your weighing machine, smart bands are the best friends you always wanted. In simple terms, these wearable technical devices are a kind of activity tracker. They keep a count of the calories you burn every day while doing your chores as well as working out in the gym.

Benefits of Wearing Fitness Watches/ Bands

a.) Are you flummoxed by counting your daily calorie intake and comparing it with the exercise you get? Take a deep breath and leave the job for your smartband. It tracks every movement of your body during the day, like walking to office, climbing up the stairs, a walk during lunch or even the energy used during a simple hand movement, and notes the calories you burn.

b.) These smart devices keep you active. They give you an accurate count that motivates you to exercise everyday and squeeze in a 20-minute walk after lunch or dinner, if you may.

c.) They track your sleep too. Everyone knows that your body needs optimum amount of sleep to rejuvenate and restock energy. But your sleep can get disrupted for multiple reasons and affect your body cycle. These bands will keep you aware of the number of hours missed.

So, if you have decided to buy this wearable smart device then search for smart bands online. The brands that you should look out for are MI, Moov, Garmin, Sony, Nivia, Callmate, PowerPlay, Fastgo and Toshiba. A smart band from any of these brands will benefit you a lot and help you stay active.

New Launches:

Live Smart and Fit with the realme Band

The realme Band is here to make your fitness goals achievable. It comes with different features that will help you enhance your exercises for a more fruitful workout experience. You can buy the realme fitband from your preferred shopping app. You can pick from the various colour options and have the one of your choice delivered to your doorstep. So, here’s a guide that will help you figure out the different features of this band - 

A Large Color Display

This stylish fitness band is easy to operate, as it comes with a 2.4 cm (0.96) large color screen along with a touch-button. Oh, and you can even flaunt your style by changing the dial face from the realme Link app. 

Comes with 9 Sport Modes

You can choose from 9 sports modes, including running, yoga, walking, and more to enhance your workout regime. Oh, and if you love cricket, this fitness band is tailor-made for you, as it comes with a dedicated Cricket mode. 

Features a Real-time Heart Rate Monitor

Keep a tab of your health alongside working out with the help of this fitness band. This band comes with a heart rate monitor to measure your real-time heart rate. 

Keeps You Healthier with Idle Alerts

Sitting idle? This fitness band will remind you to take a walk and drink water so you stay hydrated and healthy, even while working. 

Lift Your Wrist to See the Display

Want to check your data or the time? All you have to do is lift your wrist to wake up the display. 

Honor Band 5i - Top Reasons to Get This Band Home

Are you planning to change your lifestyle with an enhanced fitness regime? Then, the Honor Band 5i can help you achieve your fitness goals easily. Your favourite shopping app is home to all the variants of this particular band. So, without beating around the bush, let’s quickly take a look at some of the features that make this fitness band a must-have, what say?

The Honor Smart Band 5i Is a Stylish One

Who said you have to compromise on style for fitness? This fitness band from Honor is a wonderful addition to your attire. Its gorgeous appearance, along with its Color LCD and customisable watch faces, will add that much-needed zing to your attire. 

Easy to Charge

With this fitness band wrapped around your wrist, you needn’t carry an extra charger along. It comes with a built-in USB connector so you can easily plug-in this fitness band to charge it whenever needed. 

Plenty of Fitness-related Features

From tracking your sleep pattern to keeping a check on your heart rate, you can count on this fitness band to do everything for your health monitoring. 

Convenience on Your Wrist

You can preview messages, take selfies, and control your music, with the help of this fitness band. This means that you don’t have to take your smartphone out for all your needs. 

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Honor Band 5i

Here are some of the responses to the most frequently asked questions about this trendy watch!

Q1. How Do I Change the Watch Face on My Honor Fitness Band?

Ans. Want to make your watch look more stylish? You can do so by choosing from a number of watch faces that are available on the Honor Clock Face Store. 

Q2. Can I Track My Heart Rate?

Ans. Yes. This fitness band is equipped with the Honor TruSeen 3.0 heart rate monitor technology that offers continuous heart rate monitoring to help you with your fitness endeavours. 

Q3. Does This Fitness Band Come with the SpO2 Monitor?

Ans. The Honor Band 5i is designed with the SpO2 monitor that tracks the oxygen saturation levels in your bloodstream so that you have an idea about how your body is adapting to your fitness regime. 

Q4. What Is the Honor Band 5i?

Ans. It is a fitness band from Honor that comes with plenty of features (as explained above) to ensure that you get to keep a track of your health. 

That’s a wrap of everything that you needed to know about this fitness band. Oh, if you haven’t bought one already, it’s time to add one to your cart! The Honor smart band 5i price will fit well within your budget. Once it arrives home, you can get set to start a healthy life with fitness being a crucial part of your daily routine. 

Smart Bands: Your Fitness Buddy

With education, there’s an increase in awareness; this is especially true of fitness. Almost everyone is worried about their health, and the invention of smart bands have eased so many hearts.

If you’re planning on becoming a fitness geek too and shop for smart bands but unsure of where to start, then here are some great bands that are quite popular in the market today.

Fitbit Charge 2

Whenever someone thinks about a smart band, then Fitbit instantly comes to their mind. They have built a great reputation in the market with their smart bands which are tuned to cater to all the needs a fitness freak wants.

Being Fitbit’s best model so far, they have been making many improvements and adjustments ever since its launch. Along with step counter and sleep tracking, the Charge 2 has several other features like continuous heart rate monitor, resting heart rate, and also VO2 Max which is a scientific gauge for fitness.

The Charge 2 can accurately track your location on GPS as long as you carry your phone with you. It has a great battery backup which lasts for 5-6 days just after 15-20 minutes of charging. And when compared to the other models in the market, it is one of the most powerful ones.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Smart Band 

After Fitbit’s charge 2, if anyone was to occupy the 2nd place, then it would be this smart band. It is a tad bit chunky but carries great power within. It has a large screen which displays all of your notifications and its two-tones texture gives it a great appeal. 

Not only does it track your heart rate and sleep, it also comes with a built-in GPS for those who hate carrying their phones along every time they go out for a run. The device also connects to the Garmin Connect app on your phone which displays the stats and graphs of your activities during the day.

Moov Now Smart Band 

If you’re a beginner trying to get into a weight loss program but don’t know where to start, then this little device is what you could go for. Instead of spending every month on a fitness trainer, this little device could be your own fitness trainer at an affordable price. And unlike the other traditional smart bands, this device doesn’t measure the stats like steps walked or calories burned. Instead, it tracks your sleep and gives you feedback that helps you grow.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band

If you’re looking for some of the best features of smart bands at a lower range, the Lenovo HW01 would be a great pick. It has a heart monitor that checks on your pulse at regular intervals, and if you were to activate it on Sports mode, then the device will check on you every 15 minutes.

Not only does this band have a sleep monitor, but also an anti-sleep mode, which alerts you and keeps you up and active during your normal sleep timings. It can also keep you concentrated while you’re driving or working in the night.

Fastrack Reflex Smart Band

The popular brand for watches and shades has also released a great smart bracelets for fitness. Made of silicone and rubber, the device features a small OLED display and is also water resistant with the IPX6 technology. This device is compatible with both Android and iOS and connects easily to your phone over Bluetooth. The device also comes with a vibrating alarm that keeps you active and allows you to achieve your goals.With this, you have some of the best smart m3 bands you should buy. Each of these smart bands is available online on popular e-commerce websites.

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