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Alphabets and numbers drawn or engraved on wooden, plastic, cardboard, foam, or magnetic boards are useful in teaching young toddlers and kids a particular language. They can come in two-dimensional or three-dimensional designs. The three-dimensional ones can be removed, picked up, shifted, or pinched by the child. A dummy pencil is also provided in the engraved alphabet and number board type, which can be used to trace them. Such boards help in alphabet and number recognition, perceiving rhythms and patterns, sensory development, and improving children’s imagination and creativity. The child learns to read and write faster as there is better coordination between the hands and eyes. The magnetic boards are provided with colour pictures that help associate words with objects. The magnetic letters can be placed on the board as they are sensitive to the magnetic touch, and the words are spelled with the help of a spelling guide provided. Foam alphabets and numbers can be attached to one another as they have slots that fit into each other. Shop online for alphabet and numbers toys from brands like BVM Group, TOTAM, Montez, Play Panda, Wow The Toy, Tefarah Décor, etc., and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Alphabets And Numbers

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