Apple iPod Nano 64 GB

    Apple iPod Nano 64 GB  (Blue, 2.5 inch Display)

    436 Ratings & 90 Reviews
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    • Display Size 2.5 inch
    • 30 hrs Playback Time
      • Display Size
        • 2.5 inch
      • Recharging Method
        • USB-based Charging
      • Display Type
        • Wide Screen, Multi-touch
      • Other Features
        • Pixel Resolution: 240-by-432 Pixel Resolution at 202 Pixels per inch, Music and Multi-touch, Built-in Buttons, Quick and Easy Access (Play, Pause, Next, Previous Tracks), Volume Control, Built-in Bluetooth 4.0, Ear-pods Design (Natural Fit, Increased Durability), Incredible Acoustic Quality, Lightening Connector: (Smaller Connector, All Digital, 8-signal Design), Radio Dial, Widescreen Video Supports (Music, Videos, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows), Fitness Feature, Compatible: (Supported Headphones, Heart Rate Monitors, Demonstrate Mulit-touch), Tap (Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause)
      • Width
        • 39.6 mm
      • Height
        • 76.5 mm
      • Depth
        • 5.4 mm
      • Weight
        • 31 g
      Ratings and Reviews
      436 Ratings &
      90 Reviews
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      Good buy

      1. If you are from India and want to spend 13k on an Apple product go for the previous generation iPod Touch, its worth it.
      2. If you are from India and want to spend 13k on a Nano, don't, go for a Sony Walkman or a Cowon product.
      3. If you are a from India,and a die-hard Apple fan-boy, its not my forte to convince you, go for it, but try to get it from USA via friends/relatives, which I did. It cost me $149 + 3% of the cost for exchange price(total around 8.6k).
      4. If you are not from India...

      Sagnik Bhattacharya

      Certified Buyer

      27 Nov, 2012

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      When I pay over ten grand for a music player, I expect it to be phenomenal. Imagine my surprise when the music quality turned out to be the same as my Blackberry (and BB isn't even a music phone!) I've been told that the real difference between the two would become apparent if I shell out another 8k on really good speakers but frankly I can't be bothered. Oh, and the Genius playlist feature that they advertise so much? Non-functional, unless you happen to have an Apple account, which you can'...

      Charvi K

      Certified Buyer

      31 Aug, 2011

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      The tiny player in your pocket..!!

      I have used ipod nanno 5th generation before and it took me some time to get used to this little beast.
      The pros -
      (1) Just 30 grams.
      (2)16GB is more than enough for my music collection.
      (3)EarPods are a nice addition, it fits in your ear like a charm, even a bumpy bike ride couldn't get this out from my ears.
      (4)The touch is great and the screen resolution is perfect for the screen size.

      The cons -
      (1)Missing a video camera, though I didn't use the video camera in 5th generation but it cou...

      Varun Joshi

      Certified Buyer

      6 Mar, 2014

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      Small IS Beautiful!

      I bought this ipod nano ,though not from flipkart, and it turned to be an excellent product.Being an Apple product,you obviously have many expectations and i must say that it did stand upto my expectations.I would briefly describe its features--

      1)First of all , its size.Its so convenient to handle and carry just because its so "nano".
      2)The earphones are fantastic and the sound quality is awesome.Moreover,the length of the wire is pretty long which is very convenient.The earphones can also...

      Rajat Sharma

      Certified Buyer

      31 May, 2012

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      A bit costly.

      Just another illusion in the name of brand.

      Flipkart Customer

      Certified Buyer

      26 Dec, 2016

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      Very nice

      First, this ipod nano may look pricey in India, but I got it from US for around 8.5k all inclusive. I have a ipod shuffle, which itself is great product but wanted something with screen. The ipod touch has lot of goodies, but the size is so big that it can't be practically called portable !! And we have iphone, so ipod touch didn't make any sense either. Some may say buy 4g ipod touch than latest nano but then what they don't see is the size. The large size of touch makes it like a phone, whi...


      Certified Buyer

      14 Mar, 2013

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      Totally Rubbish

      Looks can be deceiving. This is not worth it if u can get the touch 4g for just 1 k extra. U want sound quality, get cowon. U want to show off like those sorry guys, get this, use the bundled earphones and go around saying u have an apple.

      (Edit : I love the fanboys rating this comment down, thanks all. In this era of low rupee value, failing economy, where people dont get money to eat, you fanboys support the economy of this company by buying these products at 120% higher prices.. kudos to ...

      Kaustav Bose

      Certified Buyer

      17 Nov, 2012

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      Battery is still little lesser then expected. Over all very good product. extremely light weight but too pricey.

      Dhruv Shah

      Certified Buyer

      9 Jul, 2014

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      Thanks flipkart

      I had actually ordered nano 6th generation a year ago, but due to some issues i accidentally received ipod nano 7th generation (which is actually 1500 cheaper. lol! :p). So thanks flipkart for that!!
      About the product, its simply amazing. There is no doubt about the sound quality of apple products. If you ever have to compare ipod with any other mp3 player, use your favourite song for comparison using different equilizers, because since its your favorite song, you are well aware of all the be...

      Piyush Gupta

      Certified Buyer

      18 May, 2014

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      A good product for music and workout!

      Recivd a damged product by flipkart got it replaced dat took delvry tym of arund 16 days.!
      No offenc by product its just awesum go fr it suprb music qulty, touch, headphns, luks, lite wght, nike+!
      only negtiv is the price..its too high!

      Abhishek Uday

      Certified Buyer

      25 Apr, 2014

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      Product Description
      Apple's 7th Generation iPod Nano is cute, fun and capable of storing up to 16GB of your favorite music, movies and TV shows. In short, you can carry your iTunes library wherever you go as this player can store audiobooks, photos and podcasts as well.

      This music player has a 2.5-inch multi-touch screen, home button and volume rocker for you to adjust your music's setting. It is also 0.21-inches thick, making it one of the thinnest audio-players in the market.

      Play. Watch. Listen.

      What makes this iPod stand out is its ability to play both videos and music on a single device. With the iPod Nano, you can browse through library of both videos, photos or music with a simple swipe of the thumb.


      Enjoy your complete music experience on the go as the iPod Nano comes with Bluetooh 4.0 which allows you to connect to external devices wirelessly, such as speakers, headphones or car audio.


      The iPod Nano 7th Generation comes with FM radio which allows you to keep up with current affairs and the latest in music and entertainment. Simply flick your finger to change your station and with a live pause button, you will not miss a minute of your favorite radio show.


      The iPod Nano comes with Apple's Earpods which are intricately designed to sit in your ear so that the sound goes in directly. The audio quality is also superior, rivaling many headphones in the market.

      Lightning Connector

      The Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation uses Apple's latest USB connector - Lightning. This USB cable has a smaller pin which can be inserted either upwards or downwards as the dock is symmetrical.

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