APPLE Touch 4 GB MP4 Player

APPLE Touch 4 GB MP4 Player  (Pink, 4 Display)

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  • Display Size 4 inch
  • 40 Playback Time
Display Size
  • 4 inch
Playback Time
  • 8
  • 1136 x 640
Recharging Method
  • USB-based Charging
I/O Device
  • USB
Display Type
  • Retina Display
Other Features
  • Ultra Thin Design (The Thinnest and Lightest iPod Touch, Anodized Aluminum Enclosure), iSight Camera (5 MegaPixel iSight Camera with 1080p HD Video, FaceTime Camera with 720p HD Video), Retina Display (Sharp, Vivid, Lifelike, One-handed Control), iOS 7 (Control Center, Smarter Multitasking, AirDrop for iOS, New Camera Formats and Filters, More Capable Siri, and iTunes Radio), Lightning Connector (All-digital, 8-signal Design), iTunes and The App Store (Songs, Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts), iPod Touch Loop, Game Center, Dimension: (123.4 x 58.6 x 6.1 mm)
  • 88 g
Ratings & Reviews
1,160 Ratings &
173 Reviews
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  • 956
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Not only a MP3 Player but also a powerful PDA .... Brilliant piece of technology ... Must Have !

I must say I am a bit too late reviewing about this product but however , I am finally here . Had a few transaction issues before I actually got this in my hand from Flipkart in December , 2011 but Flipkart is really awesome . Spectacular service and quality .

Before I go into the review , I would like to be frank . I used to hate Apple like 6-7 years back from now especially due to the price they generally set against their products . Moreover , I thought , Apple is only meant for rich peop...

Shubham Roy Ghatak

Certified Buyer

Feb, 2012

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Mindblowing device

Often we make a mistake of writing reviews and judging products immediately after purchasing. Whenever you purchase a new product, it's novelty and passion for that device makes you feel extremely good although with time, your views tend to change quite a lot.This is what happened with my last smartphone purchase.
Therefore I decided to write a review on iPod Touch 5th generation after using it for more than 3 months.

Let us first think why do people purchase iPod Touch. Going by the defin...

Jay Jani

Certified Buyer, Gandhinagar

Feb, 2014

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Ignorance is better.

While Apple fanboys will swear at the iPod touch revolutionizing the world and all things including your life, the fact is, it is a product for the uninformed public. Perhaps someone who is, among other things, ignorant.
The iPod touch fares well in every aspect except what its meant to do or assuming its role as a audio-centric device -what its supposed to do. But more on that later.

Build Quality and Aesthetics:

If there were ever a synonym for beauty and stupidity rolled into one, it wo...

Nuke Roch

Nov, 2011

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Not Gen 5

While the itouch is well known for what it is, one of the best portable gadgets that can play music for you. However as far as this particular model is concerned.
Though it was announced along with the 5th gen for iTouch, This is merely a 'Gen 4' 16GB ipod. So don't get confused for it being lauched with gen 5. The 8GB gen 4(same dimensions as this one) ipod has been discontinued to support for 16GB variant.

5G(5th gen) ipods are available only in 32 & 64 GB variants.

Ankur Kaushik

Oct, 2012

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Best Portable Media Player!!

Got it 4 days back....still cant believe my eyes...
1. It's really really sleek, with an amazing display..u'll be amazed for sure, it sports better picture or video quality than any other hand held devices..
2. There's no competition for apple in touch panels till date..
Build quality is good though the back gets easily scratched...better put it in a cover n use a screen guard for extra protection...
3. Sound quality is good with the supplied apple head-phones but can be outstanding if u buy ...

Aniket Vyas

Oct, 2011

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Superb of using it.

If the men can say that if i can use Whats app in it it would be better in it. worth of money.Guys if u r planning 2 buy it, it is the best option.


Feb, 2015

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Ipod Rocks but in india... :/

Definetely the ipod touch is a great device..and can be judged as a younger brother of iphone. what im trying to convey is that it is a weaker version of the flawless iphone..without calling or sms facility.
It looks sexy and is a marvellous device..i should give it a 5-star in general but in case of buying it in indian rupees...1 cannot be really motivated to do so :(
i mean seriously? u wanna spend 23K for a music player? u could buy an excellent smartphone at a lesser rate...and apple rea...

Tony Joseph

Sep, 2013

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Best iPod made till date

Rocking man Apple is rocking & THERMONUKING any Android phone/player in existence in sound clarity/loudness via headphones.

Have personally tried Note II, GS3, HTC 8X, One X, Sony phones..without root or some other type of modification android audio is nowhere near the BASS & LOUDNESS of this baby.

If you can afford the iPhone by all means go ahead kind Sir.

But if you're on budget & want best music/video experience with games this BABY is it.

I just keep laughing at the android noobs eve...

Sonu Bachani

Dec, 2012

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A decent music player but a better multimedia device

Music Performance:-
The sound quality is average but definitely enjoyable for casual listeners. I have a Cowon C2 which I have been using with the Apple EarPod and the sound quality is crisp and clear. I'm sure the iPod touch is capable of delivering better audio output but you would have to install another music app with sufficient audio customisation options. I wasn't impressed with any of the music app that I found on App Store but if I find a good one I will update this review.

After try...

Raju Menon

Certified Buyer, Thane

Mar, 2014

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iPod Touch - Replacement of iPhone

I had purchased the ipod touch (2nd Generation) in 2009 and later the 4th Generation. Reason - I could not afford to buy and replace an iphone for Rs. 50K. Getting an ipod touch was like a new thing for me in life. Its like buying a portable Macintosh, Portable Gaming device. Though it might appear to be like Video and Music Thing but the reality is , it's more than just music and video. Making calls on VOIP and end number of Apps had made it like a virtual Mac inside my pocket.

This is a m...

Kumar Vikram

Oct, 2012

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Q:Does this iPod gps
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Product Description
Thin, light and unbelievably entertaining; the iPod Touch 16 GB is the epitome of technology and refined design unified with the finest of features for a delightful experience.
Exquisitely Crafted

If there is one device that can truely amaze you, it's the iPod Touch. It sports a super-smooth finish with highly polished bevelled edges.

Sleek Design

Extremely thin and lightweight, the iPod Touch is crafted with a single-piece anodised aluminium.

iPod Touch Loop

The iPod Touch loop is designed to keep your iPod safe preventing the risk of losing it.

Big Display Big Fun

With an immersive 4-inch Retina display, the iPod Touch displays everything sharp, vivid and lifelike. The large widescreen display is ideal to watch your favourite HD films without letterboxing.

Easy to Hold

Keeping the width low and the height higher, the iPod Touch is easy to hold and use with just one hand.

iSight Camera

Nothing can be more satisfying than a beautiful picture. The iPod Touch comes with a 5 megapixel iSight camera featuring advanced optics, tap to focus, LED flash and face detection for a perfect shot. You can shoot 1080p HD videos and also video chat using the front-facing FaceTime HD camera using this iPod.

Panorama Feature

Capturing a landscape or cityscape is no more a task. The Panorama feature lets you capture the entire scene by just tapping the button and moving it the camera over the screen for a perfect wide shot.

Undeniable Power

Providing up to twice the processing power and seven times faster graphics than the previous generation, the iPod Touch uses the Dual-Core A5 chip for incredible and realistic response. Without consuming much power, the iPod can provide up to 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video on a single charge depending on your configuration.


Dual-Core Chip


of Music


of Video

Music and iTunes

Be it a classic rock track or your favourite pop album, you can have all your tracks in your music library. With the iTunes just a tap away, you can find the perfect song to suit your mood anytime.


The vibrant colours and unbelievable clarity make the 4-inch Retina display perfect for watching videos in true widescreen. You can also download videos straight to your iPod Touch from the iTunes store.


iCloud is designed to make all content accessible on all your apple devices such as your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC without having to manually sync it.

Apple EarPod

Comfortable fit and unbelievable sound is what these EarPods are designed to provide. They provide high quality audio whether you're listening to music or videos.





Get Ready to Play

With a brilliant processor and sharp graphics, the iPod Touch is an ideal portable gaming device. The device comes integrated with the Game Center which is a social gaming hub, while the App Store can provide you with games and entertainment apps.





In-built Apps

With a whole bunch of apps integrated into it, the iPod Touch proves to be an extremely useful device. You can send texts with the iMessage, make video calls with FaceTime, check your Email and also browse the web with Safari.

Connect And Share on Facebook and Twitter

Integrated with Facebook and Twitter apps, the iPod Touch makes sure you stay updated and connected to your social circle at all times.


Talk to your friends, family and all your loved ones who are far away using the FaceTime App integrated into this iPod.


iMessages App lets you send free texts over the Wi-Fi to other iOS users.

iCloud Photo Sharing

Share your favourite moments with your friends using the iCloud Photo Sharing app in the device. The iPod Touch lets you even like or leave comments on the photos.


Wirelessly stream all the content from your iPod Touch to your HDTV via Apple TV for a louder and larger experience. Just tap the AirPlay icon from the app you're in and you can share photos, music, videos effortlessly.




Integrated with wireless Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can pair the iPod with Bluetooth enabled headphones and speakers whether at home or even in your car.

Lightning Connector

The completely redesigned lightning connector is small and smart, and can charge your iPod Touch from any charging point.

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