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Fishkeeping as a hobby can be great for your physical and mental well-being. Maintaining a healthy and thriving aquarium is essential to offer a vibrant aquatic life to your water pets. You can opt to keep a variety of species in the water tank to make it an attractive focal point in your home. Freshwater, marine, and saltwater fish tanks are the most preferred ones by aquarists. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves and avoid sunny windows while cleaning your tank. Ensure you perform routine maintenance by regular water changes and overall cleaning to provide a safe environment for your aquatic animals. Get a durable and custom-made aquarium for your office or home decoration. If you are looking for an acrylic tank, Buraq fish tanks are a good choice. They are made from high-quality transparent acrylic material. These tanks have a smooth finish with custom-made designs and are available in different shapes and sizes. Before choosing a fish tank kit, make sure to decide on the type of fish you want to keep and the amount of space you have. Virya, Akshat Enterprises, Buraq, Askadeal, and Taiyo are some of the brands that you can choose from. You can also read user reviews and check ratings to make a well-informed decision.

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Aquarium Tanks
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Decorate your home with Fish Tanks & Aquariums 

Keeping an aquarium at home can keep you free from stress and anxiety. Believe it or not, it’s proven that keeping live fish at home can bring down your stress-level and anger by a considerable amount. Besides, if you look at a fish swim, you’ll see how effortlessly it moves its fins to swim through the water. It brings this certain kind of satisfaction just by looking at the fish swim. Getting fish tanks and fish aquariums for your home, isn’t all that hard anymore. They can easily be bought online along with tank supplies and tank stands. There are different types of aquariums that you can choose to keep in your room. Freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums, and marine aquariums are the ones that you can weigh the pros and cons of and finalise on the one that suit your requirements. You can consider looking at different brands like Ocean Free, Dophin, Aquapetzworld, Venus Aqua, etc. These brands offer aquariums made of plastic and glass of different capacities.

Buy Fish Tanks and Give Your Aquatic Pets a Beautiful Home

Nobody likes to be bottled - not even fish. If you are fond of aquatic animals, and you want to keep a few of them in your house, then you should first consider buying them a place where you can keep them. Now, if you are thinking that you have hundreds of bottles and jars inside which you can keep them, then that’s where you’re wrong. Just like you can’t live in an untidy and dirty place, fish can’t too. Additionally, if you want to ensure that your pets have a long lifespan, then you would want to ensure that the temperature of the water they’re kept in is adequate at all times. Now, cleaning or changing the water and ensuring that its temperature is right can be a quite difficult task. But, you can easily minimise the hassle by buying a fish tank for your aquatic friends.

What’s a Fish Tank?

A fish tank, or an aquarium, is nothing but a tank of water where you can keep your aquatic pets as well as aquatic plants. Fish aquariums generally come with a host of features that help you adjust the temperature and even the amount of light. Also, if you have had fish as pets before, then you probably know how risky it to change the water of the container in which your fish is kept. However, you won’t have to worry about the same if you have an aquarium at home as a lot of them have provisions that help you significantly in changing the water and make for hassle-free cleaning. Convenient, right? Now, take a look at some of the aquariums that you might want to consider:

Ocean Free Crystal Clear U Betta Tank Cube Aquarium Tank

Dophin T-101 Corner Pentagon Aquarium Tank

Dophin BT-111 Mini Rectangle Aquarium Tank

Aquapetzworld HX-320F Fish Aquarium Tank

Minjiang MJ-M 260 Rectangle Aquarium Tank

Venus Aqua SUNSUN-YA-01-PINK Round Ends Aquarium Tank

LEECOM XE-300 Mini Planted Rectangle Aquarium Tank

Aquapetzworld HX-380 Aquarium Fish Tank

JAINSONS PET PRODUCTS Mini Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank

Freshwater Aquariums

Freshwater aquariums is a great place to start with your first fish tank. These aquariums are more natural and low-maintenance as compared to saltwater aquariums. They also don’t cost as much. Generally, the fish are inhabitants from rivers, lakes and streams. They’re not as vibrantly coloured as that of the saltwater fish, but they can come in a plethora of patterns, shapes and sizes. The things that you would need in order to start off are aquatic plants, lighting, and fishes, of course. Depending on the size of your fish tank, you can buy the fish tank accessories accordingly.
Saltwater Aquariums
Saltwater aquariums are vibrant, colourful and lively. If you’re looking for a grand version of an aquarium with lots of life and vibrancy, then a saltwater aquarium is your answer. These aquariums can be more expensive compared to freshwater aquariums. They require additional equipment like LED lights and filters. Frequent water changes is something to keep in mind as well. But after all the installations and hard work, the view of the colourful fishes swimming in harmony... is just priceless. You can shop online for fish tank supplies along with decorative items as well.
Marine Aquariums
Marine aquariums are tanks with marine plants and animals in a controlled environment. These fish tanks come in sizes from 75 litres and goes up to about 3000 litres. You can choose to either have a full fish marine fish tank or just a reef tank with live rocks and no fish. These require a lot more fish tank supplies and frequent water changes than freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Buy Fish Tanks Online and Make This Your Next Hobby
Once you have your fish tank in place, you just need to buy fish food which is easily available online as well. The advantage of shopping for fish tanks online is that you can compare the prices and quality of fish tanks from different brands. This will help you make a sound decision.Before you go ahead and buy some aquariums online, you need to keep in mind that there are different kinds of aquariums, such as freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums and marine aquariums, among others. Also, you need to consider the size of the aquarium that you’re buying and if it has a stand or not. If you buy a 10-litre aquarium, then the same might not big enough for 20 fish. So, keep that in mind. You might even want to check the type of material that the aquarium you’re buying is made from. Generally, aquariums are made from glass and plastic, among others. Is it getting a little too much to consider before making a purchase decision? Well, then log on to an e-commerce website that has the interface to help you compare all the features that you need to, and buy your tank supplies online.

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What is the use of aquariums?
    A.An aquarium is used as a receptacle to harbour aquatic life, which may be marine or freshwater. These aquatic organisms are either kept for display purposes or to study.
  2. Q.Which are some common aquatic life maintained within aquariums?
    A.Goldfish, neon tetras, Oscars, plecostomus, angelfish, etc., are some popular fish varieties maintained in small-sized aquariums. Turtles, frogs, sharks, crustaceans, etc., are maintained in large-sized aquariums.
  3. Q.What kind of maintenance is needed for aquariums?
    A.The basic maintenance tips for aquariums are changing the water periodically, frequent water testing, and servicing and cleaning the water filter.
  4. Q.What are some types of aquariums?
    A.Freshwater fish, saltwater fish, community, planted, etc., are some types of aquariums. The size of the aquariums and their designs dictate their use. A small-sized aquarium is used for homes, but community aquariums are large in size.
  5. Q.What is the importance of aquariums?
    A.Leisure, scientific research, conservation of marine life, rescue places, rehabilitation centres for marine organisms, etc., are some important features of having aquariums.
  6. Q.Which are some brands that manufacture aquariums?
    A.Akshat Enterprises, Jainsons Pet Products, Taiyo Pluss Discovery, Twirl The Black, Water Heaven, etc., are some of the brands that manufacture aquariums.
  7. Q.What materials are used to manufacture aquariums?
    A.Glass, acrylic and plastic are some of the common materials used to manufacture aquariums. The cost of the aquariums is influenced by the materials used to manufacture them.
  8. Q.What are some shapes available in aquariums?
    A.Corner pentagon, cylinder, concave view, cube, elliptical, flat hexagon, half-cylinder, L shape, rectangle, round ends, etc., are some of the shapes available in aquariums.
  9. Q.How many tank capacities are available in aquariums?
    A.Tank capacities ranging from 0.3 L to 60 L are available in the aquariums. The capacity of the tank is influenced by the design and material used to manufacture them.
  10. Q.What is the cost of aquariums available online?
    A.The cost of the aquariums ranges between Rs.199/- to Rs.5,500/- online. Whilst these are the prices of the aquarium tanks, the addition of other non-living accessories increases the cost on the whole. Filtration equipment, a heater, adequate lighting, air pumps, gravel, powerheads, etc., are some of the accessories needed within aquariums.
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