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For those who have diabetes or are watching their calorie intake, sugar is an issue. That’s where artificial sweeteners come in. You can indulge your sweet tooth without having to worry about the sugar with these sweeteners. These have a similar taste to sugar but are low or in sugar content. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels while enabling you to have sweet treats. Many artificial sweeteners have an ADI between 15-50, defined as per mg of body weight. Available in powder form as well as pill form, they mix well in beverages and can be added to recipes. Several trusted brands in the market offer these sweeteners. Some trusted names that offer these sweeteners are SO SWEET, Sugar Free, Big Maa, Crystal Fructose, DAYLON HEALTH CARE, and more. They contain aspartame, saccharin, sucralose as sweeteners. In India, mainly sucralose is used. A new sweetener named stevia is capturing the market, which is obtained from stevia leaves and has an ADI of 4. Artificial sweetener, online prices can vary and may depend on the brand, ingredients, and quantities. Stay healthy and meet your fitness goals without sacrificing your favourite sweet foods with this sweetener. 

Artificial Sweetener

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