Astrology Paradise Panchmukhi hanuman kavach Brass Pendant

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Panchmukhi hanuman kavach
Chain Included
Chain Length
14 inch
It gives you a protection against your enemy's efforts for Holy Kavach or Kavacham is basically a very powerful Spiritual instrument made in personalized way for you to protect you from negative incidents, crisis and misfortunes in life; to make you safe, saves you from all evil forces and also to make you out of reach of your enemies. This powerful Amulet or Trinket i.e. Talisman provides you with the protection against all evil forces which ruins your dreams, desires and peace in life. Holy Kavach doing harm on you and saves you from negatives events happen to you and negatives fortune takes a control on you and that's why it is called Raksha Kavach (Raksha means protection). It protects you from all sorts of Black Magic against you too.
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