Asus Zenfone 4 (Red, 8 GB)
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30,958 Ratings & 4,489 Reviews
Asus Zenfone 4 (Red, 8 GB) Reviews
30,958 Ratings &
4,489 Reviews
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ASUS Zenfone 4: Best budget phone in the market!

I'm stepping down after using a Galaxy Note 3 (which I lost,hence this phone in the interim),but I will to try to be as objective about the Zenfone 4 as possible.

1. Unboxing: The phone came in a stylish little box which slides out instead of flipping open. Contents include the handset, battery, 2-pin USB wall adapter and a data-cum-charging cable. Earphones have been omitted as an obvious cost cutting measure. The device has a sturdy look to it,though very plain. The concentric circle desig...

Sarthak Singh

Certified Buyer, Ahmedabad

Jul, 2014

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After nearly 4 months of use.....previous title:Don't worry Radio is there....and much more to expect or not to expect.

After nearly 4 months of use:
This is gonna hurt.
The phone used to crash many times.but there were many updates from Asus for that too to resolve those crashes.may be they knew this.

And when new Android OS update came on air, was happy thinking of what new features it will give me, but then phone refused to update and got stuck.had to reset from recovery menu and then again when I checked for updates, it says no new updates.looks like Asus removed new OS upgrad...

Omparkash Singh

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

Jul, 2014

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perfect as a budget phone!

i preordered it for white color and got in just two days on 3rd sept.
even after buying there was preorder option and now its out of order.
phone is quite nice if you don't have high expectation like on redmi 1s.
the zen ui is superb and after buying this phone i came to know that asus zenfone design got reddot award of 2014 for best design. and i must say the design is really worth for winning award.

it is way better than zenfone 4 and comes nearer to zenfone 5.

pros of this phone for such...


Certified Buyer

Sep, 2014

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Fixed battery Issue ....

hey guyz .
I bought this phone before 1 month.
the phone is working perfect .
1. Back Camera is very good. however flash is missing. Front is ok not too great. the best thing about the camera is auto focus. Camera is heavily customised. front camera also has face detection sensor which generally not fount in this price segment.
2.display is good. however viewing angles are too great but satisfactory.
display is bright enough . you cant feel any problem even in sunlight.
3.sim card are working...

Anas Alam

Certified Buyer

Sep, 2014

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Moto Say hello to Asus Papa

Kudos to Asus and Flipkart for bringing such a great smart phone in India where we the (middle class) are at the mercy of some big brands to launch low feature mobile phones. Moto e came and changed the scenario a little bit. Still it had many shortcomings , such as a poor camera and no front camera. All these shortcomings have been removed by asus in this device.
You look at the phone and can resist yourself saying, "Wow such a great shape'. It is a kind of sexy shape.
apart of this you get...

Gautam Chatterjee

Jul, 2014

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It perfectly fits with my requirements.

I am in Mobile s/w dev profession last 11 years. I have seen very basic mobile to very high end mobiles. My requirement was very clear:

Why did I choose this phone:
1. I need a phone , not to show off.
2. I need a phone which assist me with basic apps + Android apps.
3. I need big screen.
4. I need good speaker quality as I use IHF 90% of time.
5. I need simple moderate camera. As for photo already have high end camera.

What I like:
1. Wonderful touch screen and feel.
2. Spender look and fi...

Arvind Gupta

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

Sep, 2014

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Is this the Moto E killer?

Priced 1000 bucks less than the Moto E, this phone surely should get a lot of people interested.
Asus is an ace company when it comes to hardware and they have reigned at the top for quite some time. Unmatched quality of Asus can be determined solely by the fact that the Nexus 7 tablets are manufactured by ASUS.

And this phone seems to have it all.

A dual sim which is a standard for all phones now, with dual camera (5MP and 0.3MP).
Thats something the Moto E does not have. Moreover, it has ...

Ketan Pahuja

Jul, 2014

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Better than Xiaomi Redmi 1S

After using the phone for about a week all i can say about this asus zenfone 4 A450CG is that it's simply AWESOME'
Key Points:
Asphalt 8 on high settings runs as smooth as butter and i mean it(just make sure to clear out your ram before stating the game) and same goes for modern combat 5 too.
Performance wise it's on par with nexus 5 i would say based on my experience with both nexus 5 and asus zenfone 4.5.
It comes with usable storage of 4.5 gb out of 8 gb
It supports otg natively
Gets 500-5...

Kaushik Choudhury

Certified Buyer

Sep, 2014

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Smart enough phone for smart enough people

It's good to own a Hayabusa.
It's not SO good to ride it in city traffic.
Where the RD-350s can keep up with you.
What if the the RD were sold at the price of a RX-100 ?
That describes my journey from FlagShip Phones to Asus Zenfone 4
Everything I need to do in real life, it can do.
From fringe-area-calls thru navigation to heavy gaming.

"But does it have Electric Self-Start?" "No, but I have legs to kick-start it"
Yes, there are some small cons, but trust me, we can live with that...
For ex...

B R Gurunandan

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

Sep, 2014

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Review after using for about 4 months.

Was looking for a phone for about 3 months.
Finally I bought this for ?6300, and trust me when I say.. I didn't expect the phone to be so awesome when I ordered it.

1. 4.5" display
2. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection (no need of screen guard)
3. 8MP primary camera (Superb photos, best camera under 10k)
(Amazing variety of modes including HDR, TimeLapse, Animation, Selfie, Time Rewind, Beautification, Depth of Field, Smart Removal, All smiles)
4. Powerful LED flash support
4. Mat...

Ankur Desai

Certified Buyer, Fatorda

Jan, 2015

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