ASUS Zenfone 5Z

Zenfone 5z, Asus’s latest innovation, is out to blow your mind! Sleek and sharp, this smartphone will prove to be more than just a phone to you. Zenfone 5z is powered by the fastest flagship processor - the Snapdragon 845 - making it one of the most intuitive and intelligent smart devices out there! What we love most about this phone is that it runs at a super enviable speed while consuming shockingly less battery. For all you photography enthusiasts, the Zenfone 5z comes with a stunning 120 degree wide-angle secondary camera expanding your horizons like never before. Its AI camera thinks for itself - yes! It quickly anticipates your needs and seamlessly adjusts to any background, allowing you to focus entirely on the subject and not on the camera! This phone is truly the whole package!

A5Z-1 A5Z-1
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