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Whether you’re lounging at home or having a house party, music can instantly cheer you up. To ensure that you have an amazing listening experience, you must have a good speaker system at your disposal. From Philips subwoofers and Intex soundbars to JBL boombox and JBL flip 4 speakers, music systems may come in different types and sizes, so you can pick one as per your requirements and your budget. A few things to consider before buying a sound system are the power output, drivers, frequency range and its connectivity options. The power output can be anywhere between 20 W to 300 W. Higher the power output, more powerful and louder the sound. The multiple connectivity of the sound system helps you connect it to external devices with ease. Apart from an audio jack, sound systems may also have Bluetooth connectivity to help you stream music wirelessly. Online stores have sound systems from trusted brands like JBL, BoAt, Mivi Roam, Intex, MarQ by Flipkart, Sony and Philips to choose from. A few sound systems that you can find online are - boAt Stone Grenade 5 W portable Bluetooth speaker, Intex 2622 portable Bluetooth home theatre, JBL Go PLUS portable Bluetooth speaker, Mi Compact 2 W Bluetooth speaker. Buy a quality speaker online on Flipkart from audio and music giants like JBL, Boat, Sony, Philips, polk audio and bose among others. 

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Buy Speakers Online - For an Enhanced Audio Experience

There’s nothing more annoying than listening music with a bad clarity. Bad audio can even ruin your favourite song. So make sure you pick the right speakers to enhance your audio experience. Whether you’re planning to host a party, a game night or a movie night, you need high-performance speakers.

Portable Speakers

What’s an outing without some good music? Carry a compact and portable speaker with you wherever you go and stay entertained. Whether you want a speaker for your car or a handy speaker to host the best outdoor parties, online stores have them all covered for you.

Some of the Best-selling Portable Speakers in the World

The JBL Flip II

A terrace party or a pool party - with this JBL portable speaker, you can enhance your music experience as it offers an immersive audio clarity. With dual 40 mm drivers and built-in bass port, this speaker lets you enjoy music, no matter at what volume you play. Sync your smartphone or tablet to this speaker via Bluetooth and stay entertained. What’s more, this portable JBL Flip II comes with a SoundClear technology which helps reduce background noise and distortion so you can make crystal-clear phone calls.

Philips Wireless BT50B/00 Speaker

Take your music with you wherever you go with this Philips BT50B/00 portable speaker. Equipped with a built-in amplifier and a 3.81 cm driver, this wireless speaker ensures an immersive audio clarity while its compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect travel companion. Connect your smartphone or iPod to this speaker wirelessly via Bluetooth and play your favourite playlist wherever you are. It’s also powered by a rechargeable Li-po battery which offers up to six hours of playtime.

Sony SRS-XB10

Host the best party with the best music with Sony that has bluetooth and is wireless. Its Extra Bass feature enhances low-end tones and gives the bass a boost. What’s more, this speaker also features a water-resistant design and has a powerful battery that let you go all day and let you party by the poolside without any worries.

boAt Rugby Portable Bluetooth Mobile/Tablet Speaker

Carry this compact and lightweight speaker with you wherever you go and make every event a party by playing dance-worthy songs. boAt Rugby speakers has 2.1 channel that boasts a sporty design and delivers immersive audio clarity while its built-in microphone helps capture and record crystal-clear sound. That’s not all, this Boat speaker also comes with the Boat Sound technology that gives you 10W amplification and reduces echo and blocks noise.

Home Audio Speakers 

We all love the complete theatre sound experience. There’s something about the floor-to-ceiling screen and the surround sound that takes the entire movie watching experience to the next level. If you are planning to build a home theatre, then you need effective home audio speakers to enhance your music experience.

To help you choose the best home theatre speakers, we bring to you this small guide:

For your living room, buy compact home audio speakers to ensure you don’t overstuff your place. Home audio speakers blend into your home interior and leave plenty of space for other activities. If you’re planning to set a full-fledged home theatre system, then pick tower speakers. Floor-standing speakers, with large acoustic chambers, deliver powerful surround effects which give a theatre-like feel while watching movies and playing video games. The next thing you need to consider is the layout. Map out a plan on where the speakers look good and how they should be placed to get the best results.

Some of the Best-selling Home Audio Speakers

Philips MMS2030F/94 Home Audio Speaker

Movies or music - with this home audio speaker, you can experience immersive audio quality. Connect your MP3 player, PC, TV, CD player or DVD player and enjoy exceptional sound with a rich bass.

F&D T-200X Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

For a theatre-like audio experience, bring home this Bluetooth speaker. Featuring a 2-inch full range driver and an 8-inch subwoofer driver, this soundbar fits your TV perfectly without messing up your entertainment unit. What’s more, this soundbar also plays music wireless through Bluetooth.

Envent DeeJay 702 Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

What’s a get-together without some good music? Bring home this audio speaker and make every house party and get-together a memorable one. Equipped with one woofer and five satellite speakers, this home audio speaker system will not only enhance your music listening experience but it will also enhance your TV viewing experience.

Some of the Best-selling Gaming Speakers in the World

Take your gaming experience to the next level by bringing home a gaming speaker that’s not only compact but also powerful.

Link Dream Beatz Pill (OG) Portable Bluetooth Gaming Speaker

With this gaming speaker, you can enhance your online role-playing gaming experience as it offers an immersive sound clarity. You can carry it with your to your friend’s place for game nights for an incredible gaming session. All you have to do is connect your gaming console to this speaker via Bluetooth for crystal-clear sound.

Intex 506 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Host one of the best game nights with your friends - get the best games in the town, connect it to this speaker via Bluetooth and experience sound like never before. Whether it’s a shooting game or a racing one, with good audio, you can take your gaming experience to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Buy speakers online and take your entertainment experience to the next level. Take a look at the different types and models of speakers, compare two or more models in terms of their features, specifications and prices, and buy the best speaker that suits your needs, requirements and budget. You can also read speaker reviews online to get a better idea about these devices. That’s not all, you can also expect fast delivery, safe payment options, and easy return policies, thanks to online shopping.

Popular Brands: Sony Audio SystemsPhilips Speakers, boAt Speakers, Blaupunkt Speakers, Bose Speakers, Sony Home theatre, LG Home Theatre

Trending Now: Tower Speakers, Smart Speakers, JBL Wireless Speaker, LG Music System

New Launches: Intex Beast 601, beast 601 bluetooth, beast 601 speaker, beast 801 bluetooth, intex beast 801

blaupunkt sbwl soundbar

Envent: envent musique, envent rock 250, envent rock 400 bluetooth, horizon 502, envent rockr

Top 10 Best Speaker Brands in India 
1. JBL
2. Sony
3. Philips
4. boAt
5. Intex
6. Bose
7.  Blaupunkt
8. Envent
9. Skullcandy
10. Samsung

Question and Answers

  1. Q.How to identify a good-quality home audio speaker?
    A.A good-quality home audio speaker has great sound quality, which means that it recreates the sounds accurately as the composer or the singer would want you to hear them.
  2. Q.What type of home audio speaker is available in the market?
    A.Different types of home audio speakers available in the market include floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, surround speakers or satellite speakers, centre-channel speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, smart speakers, and portable speakers.
  3. Q.What are the common problems in a home audio speaker?
    A.The common problems one might face in a poor-quality home audio speaker are lack of audio output, audio distortion, blown speakers, popping sounds, and less bass or treble.
  4. Q.How can we troubleshoot a home audio speaker?
    A.To troubleshoot faulty speakers, users can turn off the Audio/Video (A/V) receiver or disconnect the wires from the receiver. Also, to make sure the speaker connection or speaker wires are not damaged.
  5. Q.Which is the best home audio speaker available?
    A.Some popular home audio speakers include boAt Stone 350 10 W Bluetooth Speaker, Techobucks Outdoor Speaker, IMPEX 2.1 (SPINTO) 40 W Portable Bluetooth Home Theatre, and boAt Stone 190F 5 W Bluetooth Speaker.
  6. Q.Which is better, a 2-way or a 3-way home audio speaker?
    A.A 2-way speaker will win over 3-way for better sound clarity, overall sound quality, and fidelity to the source signal.
  7. Q.How to identify if home audio speaker wires are not of good quality?
    A.The user can check the connection of the speaker wire for each speaker by gently tugging the wire that connects the terminals on both of the speakers. If it is poorly connected, it will come off from the terminal easily.
  8. Q.Does a bigger home audio speaker sound better?
    A.Big speakers are generally believed to sound better; however, smaller speakers can give you great output with the right technology and innovations.
  9. Q.What kind of home audio speaker is ideal for gaming purposes?
    A.A 2.0 home audio speaker setup is ideal for gaming purposes as it provides good stereo sound from left and right.
  10. Q.How long will a home audio speaker last?
    A.The lifespan of your system depends on the maintenance of the speakers.
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