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    Your friend might have suggested a book by Paulo Coelho as one of the best books of all times, and rightly so. You can start off with the book that your friend has suggested. If you love philosophy, but don’t want to go into the depths of it, then Paulo Coelho books are definitely for you. When you go online and explore the books that this author has written, you will be awed by the reviews. You can check these reviews before buying Paulo Coelho books .

    Are Paulo Coelho Books for You?

    Sometimes, books on philosophy can get really drab and boring. Especially, if it does not have a storyline to it. It would seem like the author is just bragging about his/her views on life and how much the author has been through in his/her own life. You might sometimes not be able to relate to his views because you haven’t had the same experiences that he/she has had. Paulo Coelho’s take on books is rather refreshing. This is mainly so, because he does not tend to make his books personal, or a like an autobiography.

    If you love books that make philosophy a breeze, then you are going to love the books by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho is one of those authors who can integrate a story with philosophy. 

    Let’s explore Best Paulo Coelho Books

    The Alchemist

    A very inspirational book that tells you to follow your inner voice or gut-feeling, so you can progress to great levels in life. It also portrays the hardships you’d encounter on the path that you’ve chosen, telling you it won’t be an easy one. The story involves Santiago, a mediocre shepherd, who has a recurring dream. In this dream, a child tells him that he would find a hidden treasure if he travels to the Egyptian pyramids. He meets many people in his life to guide him through this journey. This book explores the subtle undertones on how omens play an important role in your life to tell you things. It even involves a love story, which is not overdone on the mushiness. 

    The Witch of Portobello

    The take on this book is different as it features different perspectives about a woman who has rather been living a mysterious life. Paulo Coelho builds a story based on event occurrences and perspectives about this woman. A random set of events form a beautiful story in the end. 

    Other novels by Paulo Coelho are - The Devil and Miss Prym, The Valkyries, Brida, The Pilgrimage, The Winner Stands Alone, Veronika Decides to Die, Eleven Minutes and much more. Explore and buy Paulo Coelho books online from popular shopping sites. Some of his books come in a set. You can buy these sets, instead of buying them individually. This will not only be less expensive, you can also get a hold of his best-selling books at one go.

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