Babies have a special charm that makes them the center of attention of their parents and other family members. They love the comfort of your arms and the warmth of your skin. Their innocence makes you want to hold them in your arms forever. However, in order to complete other household chores without sacrificing on the comfort and safety of your child, invest in a good quality baby stroller or a pram, that will keep your infant secure in one place.

    Let your little one relax in a soft-cushioned stroller as you take him/her out for an evening walk. The safe seat and controlled operating mechanism that helps to turn it on streets or put it to halt, will ease your task as a parent and a homemaker. You can now easily head out to the nearest supermarket to buy groceries and food for your baby.

    Taking a crying baby to the pediatrician is challenging and upsetting. Ensure cry-free visits to the pediatrician for regular vaccinations and checkups, by carrying your baby in a stroller/pram.

    Take your child outdoors and let him enjoy the warmth of a sunny day, while he is safely secured in his stroller. Pull out the sun shades to prevent direct and prolonged exposure to the sunrays.

    Don’t postpone family picnics or a reunion because you have an infant to take care of. Just take him with you in his personal ride - a stroller. They are safe and comfy and feel homelike to a baby, and let him have a short nap or two while you enjoy the event.

    Life for a parent of twins or triplets can become even more hectic. Buy double strollers for your twins to keep them together - side-by-side or one after the other. With designs so carefully chosen to address the needs of a newborn, these prams are high on the functionality they provide - comfortable headrest and footrest, pockets to keep diaper bags & change of clothes, a separate compartment to keep his food, and the ability to convert it into a standard car seat.

    You no longer have to worry about not being able to go for a workout because you cannot leave your child alone. Stroll down the street, briskly walk or lightly jog while strolling your little one in his pram, to get back in shape after pregnancy. These strollers are lightweight and built with safe controls to avoid any jerks while you try to put them to halt.

    Don’t worry if you are prescribed to stay at home before and after the delivery of your child. Avail great discounts on a variety of baby strollers & prams online available on Flipkart, from the comfortable premises of your home. Pay online with your debit cards, credit cards or through net banking, over secure payment gateways and enjoy free delivery to your doorstep. You can also choose to pay offline by opting for the cash on delivery mode of payment offered by Flipkart, without incurring any extra cost.

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