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Finding suitable backpacks is as necessary as finding the right pair of shoes. Daily life feels super inadequate without a proper bookbag. There was a time when finding the right bag was troublesome, but not anymore. You can now find rucksacks in various colours and designs to match your aesthetic. Gone are the days when kit bags were used for carrying essential products; now, they have become a fashion statement for many. If you choose an excellent rucksack which is sturdy, it can be your dependable friend. You can now buy the latest backpacks from brands like Gear, Cosmus, Ultrafine, Keywin, Royal Tuff, and others. These versatile bags were once used for academic purposes, but with time people started using them for travel purposes as well. You can also choose sturdy bags for hiking, trekking and short vacations as well. If you are studying in schools and colleges and have to carry books, stationery and supplies regularly, you can buy knapsacks with multiple compartments. Multiple compartments and shoulder straps of the rucksack help to divide weight more equitably on both shoulders, making heavy items easy to carry. Buy backpacks from the comfort of your home and use them for multiple purposes. Price list last updated on 25-Jun-24.

Top Brands: Safari, Skybags, American Tourister, Wildcraft, Metronaut


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Reviews for Popular Backpacks
Tripole Captain 25 L Backpack
1. Tripole Captain 25 L Backpa...
404 Ratings&41 Reviews
37% off
  • Capacity: 25 L, W x H : 7.1 x 15 inch
  • 1 Compartment
  • Without Laptop Sleeve
Most Helpful Review

Perfect product!

Excellent product quality. Value for money
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Vijeesh S

Certified Buyer

Nov, 2022

Recent Review

Pretty good

Laptop size that can fit should be highlighted.Overall good product but I bought it for laptop that can't fit in pocket
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Abhisekh Bhatt

Certified Buyer

14 days ago

WROGN BP/REXINE/1500 35 L Backpack
2. WROGN BP/REXINE/1500 35 L B...
8,693 Ratings&682 Reviews
83% off
  • Capacity: 35 L, W x H : 13 x 18 inch
  • 5 Compartments
  • With Laptop Sleeve
Most Helpful Review


Premium quality product. Loved it . Worth of price. Good space and good features. Black colour of this bag is looks so good like leather.
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Saharsh patel

Certified Buyer

Jan, 2023

Recent Review

Good quality product

Don't think too much just go for it. It seems like a premium quality bag with leather finishing. The price is a little bit high, but it's okay. You'll also g...
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Vimlesh Kumar

Certified Buyer

1 day ago

Uppercase 17L Daypack School/ College Backpack, Rainproof Zippers 17 L Backpack
3. Uppercase 17L Daypack Schoo...
405 Ratings&38 Reviews
26% off
  • Capacity: 17 L, W x H : 5.1 x 16.1 inch
  • 1 Compartment
  • Without Laptop Sleeve
Most Helpful Review


Love the product and quality.
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Neelam Gupta

Certified Buyer

Dec, 2022

Recent Review


An absolute charmer. I use this as an office bag. And it does fit my requirements. A deep front pocket, good space and good material.
Best hai jee.
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Abhishek Chatterjee

Certified Buyer

2 months ago

SKYBAGS GRAF 27 L Backpack
4. SKYBAGS GRAF 27 L Backpack
6,068 Ratings&379 Reviews
58% off
  • Capacity: 27 L, W x H : 11.4173228346457 x 18.8976377952756 inch
  • 2 Compartments
  • Without Laptop Sleeve
Most Helpful Review

Nice product

Nice bag .... Loved it looks a bit small but spacious..... Can carry 4 books- 5 copies and tiffin bottle and some stuff material in the organiser....💞🤩😈😜
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Rina Singh

Certified Buyer

Jun, 2022

Recent Review

Nice product

Good product for schooling.
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Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer

15 days ago

SKYBAGS RIDDLE 4 33 L Backpack
5. SKYBAGS RIDDLE 4 33 L Backp...
1,314 Ratings&119 Reviews
67% off
  • Capacity: 33 L, W x H : 13.7 x 17.7 inch
  • 3 Compartments
  • Without Laptop Sleeve
Most Helpful Review


Bag is too good at this price.
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Dhananjoy Maji

Certified Buyer

Jun, 2022

Recent Review

Simply awesome

Best bag ever ,value of money ,
The bag is more attractive more then photos
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Arti Sinha

Certified Buyer

2 days ago

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  10. Rs. 5999
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Backpacks: A Convenient  Travel Necessity 

Backpacks have become a household name for students and professionals alike. They are flexible, comfortable to carry on your back, and have lots of space inside. These are versatile in designs, vivid, and are easy to use for everyone. You can use it to travel around town or carry your college books. Whatever the use may be, backpack bags are always helpful to carry gear. While some of these bags are great to carry multiple belongings, some are especially handy for carrying appliances for work or play. If you are looking for the best carry-all, brands to check are Wildcraft, Skybags, Provogue, safari, and Fastrack. 

Backpack Bags: Carry Everything in One Comfortable Go!

If you like to pack a well-organised bag before heading out, a backpack is a must. You can carry these on your back for hours without feeling any strain or back pain. These bags have ergonomic designs and are made of good-quality fabrics that do not hurt the skin. They are resilient and can carry your belongings within their spacious interiors. Backpack bags come with multiple chains with sturdy single or double zippers to seal the belongings inside. You can look for bags that come with waterproof rain covers to secure electronics inside your bags, such as laptops, gaming consoles, etc. The best part about this bag is the space inside. All the compartments are spacious, and you can keep your belongings safely. You can carry just about anything from umbrellas, your lunch box, books to your clothes, sunglasses, and more! The foam padding on the base makes these bags safe for laptops, tablets, and other delicate appliances. These carry gears also come with side holders for bottles, and sanitisers. The secure side holders offer easy access to anything you need on the go while outside. If you have to take a bulk of things daily, you can opt for bags with padded features. Padded backs, handles, and shoulder straps are comfortable on the body. They make it easy to carry heavy content. Moreover, you can keep your hands free to do other tasks while moving with your belongings. Bags like these are optimal for daily use, and there is always a design for everyone. Students can use these bags to carry their projects, books, stationeries, and food with ease. As for professionals, moving around with a laptop and documents is a zero-hassle affair when using stylish baggage. As most airlines allow these bags as carry-ons, you can pack your travel essentials in these bags for a short getaway. Most of these bags' fabrics are waterproof, making them splash repellant and an excellent choice for carrying art supplies, tablets, and stationery items. 

Shop For Your New Backpack Bag Today

Backpacks come in all sizes. According to your needs, be it for college, office, or short vacations, you shall always find a bag well-suited to your needs. You can purchase stylish, functional bags online. 


Explore Backpack Collection Online And Choose from Big Billion Days Offers

Backpacks are a traveller’s ideal companion. If you are an adventure enthusiast, a solo traveller, or a travel blogger, these travel bags are one of the essential tools you need to have to have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. If you are looking to upgrade or buying a new backpack bag, you can check out the diverse collection of these bags available online. Choose from different features, themes, colours, materials and more. You can also choose your bag based on the number of compartments you want in the bag based on your travelling needs. Select from the range of bag sizes available across the e-store according to your requirements. Choose from large, medium, and small bags. Go through the online collection and check the prices and reviews to pick the backpack of your choice. Make use of the Big Billion Days and check out the Big Billion Days offers online. You can check out the Big Billion Days Discounts on your favourite brands. Some popular brands you can shop from are SKYBAGS, AMERICAN TOURISTER, Wildcraft, SAFARI, PROVOGUE, Gear, and more.  The Big Billion Days sale will include a variety of travel bags, and you can shop from the comfort of your home easily.  

Check Out Several Features of Backpack Bags Online

When buying a backpack, you have to pay particular attention to different features like material, size, compartments, whether it comes with a trolley or not, etc. If you are looking for laptop bags or school backpack bags, you have to look at features like laptop sleeves, whether it comes with a rain cover or not. Choose from different materials like Artificial Leather, Canvas, Cotton, Denim, Fabric, Genuine Leather, Jute, Nylon, Plastic, Polyester, and more. Based on your requirements, you can choose from different carrying capacities like 30 L and Above, between 21 L and  30 L and up to 20 L. For your school-going child, you can choose a bag with several compartments so that he can keep his books, stationery, and other items safely. If you are a working professional, you can opt for bags with laptop sleeves and rain covers so your important documents and electronic devices can stay protected while you travel to work. If you plan on going for a solo weekend trip, you can opt for a large travel bag made of waterproof material. Check the strap strength and seam strength of the bags before you buy one. Ideally, you should be able to carry clothes, a few essential tools, a water bottle, first aid kits, etc., in these bags. Pick the travel bag based on your requirements and the duration you plan to carry it for.

Know More About Big Billion Days Sale And Check Backpack Prices  

Choose from multiple colours and zipper options when choosing your ideal backpack. The prices of these travel bags will vary depending on the size, material and brand you buy them from. Features like trolleys and laptop sleeves also play a role in how the bags are priced. Browse through the exhaustive collection of travel bags available online and buy according to your requirements. Place an order online for easy doorstep delivery.

Get Good Discounts on buying Backpacks, School & College Bags Online

Backpacks are one of those accessories that come in handy on almost any occasion. They represent our quest for adventure and knowledge. They are a solution to our obsession with constant movement and freedom. But what makes them a staple in almost everybody’s life is that backpacks free your hands to do what you love doing most, all the while carrying whatever you need for your journey. Whether you’re going back to college, exploring the streets of a new land or making the most of a weekend hike – a backpack is a practical tool to take your favourite stuff along.

What to Look for When You’re Buying Backpacks

Backpacks are usually unisex. But if you want to find something that’s more feminine, you can look for women’s backpacks online. If you want something that’s more aligned with masculine tastes, you can browse online for men’s backpacks. You can even find ones that are specially designed for kids. Reputed brands, such as Billion, Adidas, Skybags, Puma, American Tourister and Swiss Military, offer a wide range of trendy backpacks at good prices. But before you zero in on any type, you need to consider certain points to make an informed buying decision:

Durability - Backpacks go through a lot of rough use, which is why you need to pay close attention to the material they’re made of. Quality backpacks are crafted from durable materials, such as nylon and leather. Most of them also feature sturdy zippers and strong straps. You should also take into consideration the sewing and thread material. Double stitching is usually ideal.

Material - As stated earlier, bags crafted from high-quality materials stay intact for years. Some of the widely used materials for backpacks are leather, cotton canvas, nylon, Cordura and polyester. Nylon can be further divided into two types: nylon pack-cloth and ripstop nylon. The first one is shiny and smooth to the touch. This fabric is widely popular for its ready acceptance of waterproof coating, as well as puncture and abrasion resistance. If your main mode of transport is a bike, a backpack made of this material will be ideal. The ripstop nylon features excellent waterproofing. Though it’s tough, ripstop nylon backpacks are also lightweight, making them perfect for adventurous hikes.

Comfort - This is one of the most important features you need to consider before buying a backpack. If your bag’s going to hurt your back, you probably won’t use it often. But the question is when you’re shopping online, how do you check if the backpack will be comfortable? The answer to the question lies in the shoulder straps, the shape of the backside and the kind of padding a bag has. A bag with padded and adjustable straps won’t put too much strain on your shoulders and back, adding to your comfort. A bag featuring a contoured and padded back follows the natural arched shape of your back, so it doesn’t hurt. A padded hip belt is another important feature to look for in a backpack. Hip belts properly distribute the weight of the handbags across your body. They remove the weight from your back and shoulders to place more of it on the leg muscles, allowing you to carry heavy loads for longer.

Size - When you’re buying a backpack online, don’t forget to check its size. It should be proportional to your body while being able to accommodate all the items you need to carry.
The Safety of  Contents - From cameras and laptops to books and clothes, backpacks can be used to carry a variety of things. This is the reason why they need to be somewhat waterproof and they require padding to keep electronic or delicate equipment safe. Bags crafted from waterproof materials will protect your stuff from light drizzles and accidental spills of water. Proper padding and good zippers ensure that your electronic gadgets, such as laptops and tablets, stay safe in case of impacts. Mini backpacks are also very common and widely used by college going girls.

Compartments - Multiple compartments in a bag can help you divide your personal stuff into smaller sections, making it easy for you to organize or access them. Use the smaller pockets to carry your keys, phone, headphones and other knick-knacks. The bigger compartments can be used to carry clothes, books, a laptop and more. Dedicated pockets also save you from having to rummage through your entire bag for one item. Some bags also come with elasticated side pockets which are perfect for carrying water bottles and umbrellas.

Style - When you’ve sorted out all your other backpack-related concerns, you’ll need to focus on the looks. The perfect backpack should balance practicality and style on equal terms. A bag should be expertly crafted so that whether you’re taking it to a hiking expedition, wearing it to college, or carrying it to the gym, it should seamlessly blend with your overall look. Black backpacks is in trend among college students.

What are the Benefits of Buying Backpacks Online?

When you shop for backpacks online, you’ll not only get a good variety of brands but also colours and designs. Reputed brands, such as Victorinox, Delsey, Aldo, Wildcraft, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Reebok and Fila, offer quality leather backpacks & canvas backpacks at great discounts. Also, various payment methods, such as EMI, net banking and cash on delivery, make shopping online safe and hassle-free.

Travel Backpacks

In today's world, travelling is no more a hectic job but a lovable fun activity because of the ease of travelling. One need not carry the luggage on heavy hands with the advent of cosy travel bags. They ease the pain of necessity to carrying the luggage in multiple packs and also it nicely rests on your back. 

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What are backpacks?
    A.A backpack is a bag typically carried on a person's back or shoulder to carry belongings. It has two straps which are worn on either shoulder. 
  2. Q.What are backpacks also called?
    They are also known as rucksacks, kit bags, knapsacks, packsacks, haversacks, etc.
  3. Q.What materials are used to make backpacks?
    Canvas, genuine leather, polyester, jute, fabric, denim, polyurethane, plastic, silk, nylon, and cotton are used to construct knapsacks. These are highly durable materials and are robust. They can be used, washed, and dried for maintenance. The nylon, polyurethane, and plastic varieties are waterproof and therefore may be used all year-round. They are available in many colours and attractive designs. 
  4. Q.What is the material used for backpacks?
    A.The latest backpacks are made of various materials such as PVC, fabric, canvas, nylon, polyester, and more.
  5. Q.How many compartments are available in knapsacks?
    A.One to three or more compartments are available in knapsacks. Some of them have a special compartment to fit a water bottle. 
  6. Q.What features are provided in knapsacks?
    A.Laptop sleeves, trolleys, and rain covers are some features available in knapsacks depending on their sizes.
  7. Q.What types of knapsacks are available?
    A.Laptop, canvas, printed fabric, leather-look, extreme tech, modular, exotic animal, and sleek themes are some of the features available in backpacks. Based on the kind of usage, knapsacks can be classified into everyday use, travel bags, camping packsacks, hiking packsacks, sporting kit packs, and multipurpose knapsacks. 
  8. Q.What size do knapsacks come in?
    A.Small size (0 to 20L), medium (21 to 30L), and large ( above 30L) are the sizes available in knapsacks. 
  9. Q.Which brands of knapsacks are available online?
    A.American Tourister, Good friends, Pramadda Pure luxury, United Colors of Benetton, The House of Tara, etc., are some of the brands available online.
  10. Q.What are the big backpacks called?
    A.They are called rucksacks that have hip and chest belts attached for better support.  
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