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A bag is a visible accessory and an extension of one’s persona. bags for men are often considered to be functional but the urban man is seen using it as an accessory. These could be in the form of a briefcase, fanny pack pouch, duffle, satchel, backpack or even of the messenger variety. These are symbolic of a person’s fashion tastes just as the decorative variety crafted for females. Women’s bags are found in innumerable stylish designs suited for various occasions. Spykar, Fossil, Divastri, Fastrack, and Levi’s are some of the leading brands which provide colourful and trendy designs exclusively for females. From students and teenagers, to adults and seniors, this merchandise serves as an ideal carrier. Some of these products are designed to carry a variety of products that range from groceries to packaged snacks, and even bottled drinks. The black-coloured shoulder variant (Model name-A3036PBK01) from Fastrack is an elegant model with two tan-coloured shoulder straps and 3 inner compartments. This very classy bag is ideal for everyday use and can accommodate a number of items for you to carry in a comfortable manner. You can explore the various colour options of this model online. This brand also has an interesting unisex range of backpacks in vibrant colours. The information you are reading has been last updated on 24-May-24.

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