Bags have always been a trendsetter when it comes to creating a strong style statement. While you might depend on handbags, sling bags, messenger bags, clutches, totes and even backpacks to create that impression, there are certain bags which can give you the desired look effortlessly – pouches and potlis. Pouches and potlis are cool, funky, easy to carry and extremely fashionable, and they also save you the hassle of carrying a big bag wherever you go. And with the huge number of options we offer, there are high chances that you won’t be able to resist choosing a few pouches and potlis to add to your wardrobe.


    Why should you include pouches in your wardrobe?

    Whether it is carrying your everyday makeup essentials to work, or carrying a few cosmetic products when you are travelling, a pouch definitely makes it a lot easy. If you want something to keep your lipstick, mascara, kajal, lip balm, compact and concealer, then choose a pouch that will fit all of this, while also keeping your style statement intact. You can also choose pouches that are not just functional, but can complement your outfits when you go for a party to help you carry your belongings with ease. Make sure whatever you choose, is spacious enough and has multiple compartments to separate your things. You can go for bold colours, or solid shades of neutral, and flaunt your look with head held high. As for men, they need a pouch to carry their shaving essentials whenever they are on the move. So make sure you choose a size that fits everything easily, and travel smart and light.


    Why should you include potlis in your wardrobe?

    Potlis are a great choice if you are planning to wear a saree to an event. Whether it is an office party, or a grand wedding, you can choose potlis that go with your look perfectly to create a strong impression. If you are getting ready for a big fat Indian wedding and want something to match with your gorgeous saree, then you can opt for potlis embellished with stones and sequins, or an embroidered one on a satin or silk material to steal the show. If you want something to complement your corporate saree, then a subtle and elegant potli with just the right amount of bling will be the perfect choice. Potlis are easy to carry, lend you an effortless style, and are quite eye-catching, making them a must have for every wardrobe. You can choose to experiment with unusual colours and give your look a contrast, or you can choose a matching shade and rock the look.



    There are several brands that offer a variety of pouches and potlis. Some of them include Baggit, Aapno Rajasthan, Abhushan, Adaa, Akshay, Alive, Ahankara, Annapurna Sales, Arabian Nights, Arpera and Arshia.


    Online shopping

    Now you can buy pouches and potlis online from the comfort of your home. Choose one based on aspects like style, pattern, colour and price, and place an order to get it delivered to your doorstep. Add a few pouches and potlis to your wardrobe, and pave the way for a unique style statement.


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