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Make a style statement by accessorising right. Select sling bags that match your fashion quotient and suit your requirements. Browse and check sling bags for women in materials like acrylic, banana fibre, artificial leather, canvas, genuine leather, and more. Based on the style you choose, you can sport them with your casual dresses, formal wear, or at a party. You can opt for slings in fringed style, saddle-bag style, multi-compartment, crafted bag, mini-handle, metallic, embellished, solid, printed, and more, depending on your taste. The crossbody strap makes it hassle-free to carry them around and keep your hands free. You can find sling bags for men in masculine patterns and colour combinations to carry laptops, notebooks, gadgets, keys, and other essentials. You can buy sling bags online from brands like LAVIE, Caprese, Baggit, Fastrack, LINO PERROS, and more. During the Big Billion Days, you can find bags and more with the irresistible Big Billion Days offers and Big Billion Days discounts. Make sure you checkout reviews and compare the prices to get the best deals. Shop for bags and accessories during the Big Billion Days sale, and have it all delivered to your doorstep. Price list last updated on 25-Jun-22.

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Sling Bags: Convenience and Utility Packed into One Bag

Sling bags are all about comfort. They feel cosy to wear over the shoulder when you are carrying things to work or going for an outing. Sling bags for women are quaint and stylish, with abundant space inside to carry documents, cards, scarves, phones, and other gadgets. They are highly fashionable, available in different materials, and come in diverse shapes and sizes. The cross-body strapping allows you to control the bag's angle, and keeps it safe in crowded areas. You can also check out sling bags for men. Many of these bags come in multiple styles and are helpful for different functions and uses. You can check out brands like Lavie, Caprese, Baggit, Fastrack, and Allen Solly, and more. 

Sling Bags for Women: Classy Fashion Accessories for You

Sling bags are available in different materials. You can choose from artificial leather, canvas, banana fibre, and even genuine leather. Each of them has unique benefits useful for various activities. Synthetic leather sling bags for women require minimal maintenance. You can clean them quickly, as they are stain-resistant. Artificial leather bags are lightweight and feel comfortable to carry. Banana fibre bags are environmentally friendly and made from natural materials. The fabric has a luxurious and smooth texture, making these bags high-quality and helpful. Banana fabric is water and fire-resistant and is comfortable to carry around in hot weather. If you want a lightweight bag to carry your items, canvas bags are ideal. As a plain-woven fabric bag, they are sturdy and versatile. These bags are water-resistant and distribute the weight of your items so you can carry them properly. Sling bags for men and women come with adjustable body straps and lots of compartments. You might even find some bags with dividers inside the bags with zippers, making every part of the bag useful. Some bags also have mini handles so you can carry them like briefcases to work. These bags can double as mini backpacks for you to bring your essentials on the road. The spacious interior makes them ideal for both long, and short-distance carry-on luggage. The several compartments also allow quick access so you can reach in and grab your glasses or your bottle without too much hassle. These minimalistic side bags are steadily becoming popular among everyone who wishes to carry less and travel comfortably during their journeys. As these bags are primarily waterproof, they are also safe to carry small gadgets like chargers, earphones, and power banks. 

Check Out from Multiple Sling Bags for Men and Women Online 

Sling bags are innovative, stylish, and unique. They have various benefits for both men and women. They are compatible with all types of clothes for parties, casual wear and formal attire. Before buying yours, make sure to check what kind of sling bag you are looking for. You can find printed, embellished, solid coloured, and in various other designs. To find bags that match your style, you can shop online to find the ones perfect for you. 


Look Stylish and Trendy with Sling Bags 

One-shoulder or one-strap backpacks are a modern version of the conventional two-strap essential carriers. Popularly referred to as sling bags, these are designed with a single strap put casually over one shoulder. These products are of a smaller size but serve well to carry your everyday necessities with ease. LAVIE, Caprese, BAGGIT, FASTRACK, Allen Solly, etc, are a few brands that offer sling bags for women as well as sling bags for men. The Big Billion days event will include a wide variety of this merchandise made of materials like jute, linen, cotton, denim brocade, canvas, and even banana fibre. These products are creatively designed with stud beads, zippers, embellishments, and you can avail of them during the Big Billion days sale. The HIDESIGN variety is available in pure as well as artificial leather. Some of these products come in embossed textures, while others have a full-length zipper around the entire body. The Big Billion days offers will include the whole gamut of these products for one and all. From kids to teenagers, and even adults across age groups, these stylish products will be a part of the Big Billion days discounts. 

Shop for Sling Bags for Men and Sling Bags for Women

The GENIE brand of happy backpacks includes a wide variety of big and small-sized sling bags. Their black circular bags are a symbol of creative styles. These are ideal sling bags for men as well. Extremely lightweight, these bags come with a zipper closure. You can carry your mobile, a small hairbrush, and your home keys as well. These make for comfortable carriers of essentials. LAVIE has a range of formal as well as informal sling bags for women. A few designs have the single strap made of a combination of lightweight metal and fabric. The online shopping festival is a grand event showcasing the entire spectrum of these one-shoulder cross-body products. If you spend some time on the web, you will discover an innovative range of these fashionable products suited for males and females. Fastrack is a preferred choice for many because the brand offers good quality bags in vibrant colours. This brand has a category made out of denim as well. From circular to a rectangle and one-pocket zipper models to dual-compartment ones, the entire range is casual yet elegant. Some brands manufacture these bags with creative embroidery threads while others embellish them with beads and studs. You can make a fashion statement by wearing these bags with semi-formal attire. 

Check Out Big Billion Days Offers on One-Shoulder Sling Bags 

Popularly referred to as a haversack, Sling bags are finely designed products that cater to the needs of a varied clientele. You can find these one-strap essential carriers designed with multi-compartments, checkered prints, fringed designs, tassels, and many other innovations. You can browse the web to get an insight into the many varieties available across brands.

Buy Sling Bags Online

Imagine your boss is throwing a party and has invited you along with your colleagues to attend it. Now you know there would be well-to-do people so you head out to buy a cute LBD. You decided to pair it with your black pumps that you bought on another such occasion. So, you start dressing up, only to realise that you don’t have an appropriate bag to go with your profile. This is where sling bags come into picture. You would be surprised to know that there are many girls who go through this situation. The fact is anyone can buy and show off a good-looking dress. But, it’s the accessories like the heels and bags that reflect your personal taste and style. Be it a party or official events, people dresses to look perfect and that includes having the right collection of bags to match with your ethnic attire like sarees, kurtis or western wear. So if you don’t have a sling bag in your wardrobe, make sure you get one as soon as possible, for you never know when you are going to need them. 

Men can be happy after buying a backpack, purses or a messenger bag as these two can meet most of their bag needs. But for a woman, bag shopping doesn’t end with a hobo or a tote. Different occasions demand different accessories and hence, the need of multiple bags. But, just like your hand bag, sling bags also come handy on several occasions such as going for shopping, having lunch out with friends, going on a date, attending events, functions and parties. 

Types of Sling Bags & Side Bags

These bags are available in abundance on several online websites and in pocket-friendly prices. You just need to decide on which type of sling bag you need and for what occasion. They can be easily differentiated by their style and materials used. 

Leather-made Slings - They are perfect for fancy evenings and high-end parties. These bags are usually made of leather and have an extravagant look. They are mostly available in black, brown, tan, dark blue and maroon colours and have varying sizes. Some even have a golden chain for handle and a fancy closure that highlights your bag even more. 

Fabric bags - These are generally made of fabric and canvas materials. They are great for rough use and can be carried along for a movie date, trip to the shopping mall, coffee with friends and other small outings that you go on every day. They too, come in varying size so make sure you select the one that suits your lifestyle. 

Polyester bags - These are the type of slings that students carry while going for colleges and other educational institutes. Compared to the fancy slings, these are slightly bigger and can hold more essentials. They are made of polyester which is highly durable. 

Others - There are several other designs like the envelope style slings & handbags, the printed designs with bright colours, the fashionable ones that look like satchels, the velvet bags and the clutch type sling bags. 

Sling bags and side bags for men are usually called the cross-body bags or the messenger bags which they can carry with ease while travelling or while walking in to office. So, no matter what your requirements are, you can easily buy your sling bags online .

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