Tote bags - you must have wondered why a bags so useful as this has such a name. Well, ponder as much as you want, the main reason it was called so, was because of the purpose it served. Initially ladies used to tote these kind of bags with them to carry multiple items like books, stationery, makeup and other shopping items. Hence, the name. By shape and looks, they used to be very different than other bags in the earlier days. But today, it’s easy to confuse them with other varieties. Having more varieties, however, has turned out to be a boon for the ladies as you get multiple options to choose from, depending on your needs and lifestyle. 

    Tote bags are mostly known for its spacious compartments. It can be used for multiple purposes. Where some like using it as a travel bags, some use it for casual outings. You can also spot college students using it for carrying notebooks and other essentials, new moms using it as a diaper bag and some even use it as a beach bag. In short, you can call it a multi-purpose bag which can be used by women from all age groups. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the varieties and which ones will suit your needs. You will find it quite entertaining to buy tote bags online. The websites not only have a wide range of bags, but also from different brands, which make it easier for you to compare the prices, designs and enjoy online shopping at the same time.  

    Types of Tote Bags Online

    Canvas -This type of handbag is popular because of its durability. Canvas, the material used to make these bags, are sturdy and are great for regular use. They can even resist moisture and last for a long time. 

    Luxury - Although tote bags have a casual status, they are still available as luxury bags that are designed by top designers. These bags are mostly crafted from either leather or some kind of plastic so that they look stylish and last longer at the same time. Women carry them to work, formal occasions and parties too.

    Beach - This type, as the name suggests, are used for carrying necessary items to the beach. Now we all know how humid and sunny the coastal areas can be. So, manufacturers make these bags from straw, jute, canvas, nylon and plastic. These are bigger than the luxury bags as you would need more space to pack towels, lotions, clothes, sunglasses and hat while going to the beach. 

    Sports - These are also big in size, but are mostly used to carry your gym wear, shoes and water bottle. 

    Buying tote bags online is easy, but selecting which one to order is not. So, the first thing you need to figure out is why you need the bag. Once you know the purpose, then it becomes easy to select the one you wish to buy. Also, check the size, the type of closure and materials used as it helps you to determine the durability of a bag. 

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