Travel accessories to make your journey pleasant

    Whether this is your first trip or you are a constant traveller-on-the-go, we often run into the same problems and worries during any journey. To save yourself from the same kind of headaches and hangups every time you make plans for a trip to some destination, let us help you get focused on what you might need for a comfortable trip.

    What to take along when you are travelling?

    Most of us have the habit of stuffing bags after bag with things we think we might need, but which end up remaining in our bags for the entire duration of our trip. Travelling light is an art, many of us strive to achieve but always fall short of actually achieving it. Here is a lifehack - pack only what you need, not what you want. Let us look at some of the most important travel accessories you should pack along on your next trip. 


    If you are travelling by your car to a faraway destination, it is important that you carry a flashlight. From the small pocket ones to trendy headlamps, nowadays online shopping sites offer you flashlights of different kinds and sizes. These little travel accessories are also very helpful during train and boat journeys. You can also find flashlights with multi-utility knives attached to them.

    Multi-utility knives

    Also called Swiss-army knives, these handy travel accessories feature different types of blades, bottle opener, corkscrew and tools, all inside a compact case. Some of them even feature toothpicks, forks, spoons and knives to help you eat your meal comfortably. 

    Travel pouches

    More like a mini-emergency kit, travel pouches help you keep all your toiletry essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, medicines, travel perfume, shaving kit and other essentials within your easy reach. This also saves you from having to open your main luggage again and again every now and then to take out these things.

    Neck pillows and eye shades

    If you are one of those light sleepers, then trying to get a wink on moving vehicles and in strange hotels will not always be easy for you. Carry travel accessories like eye masks, neck pillows and ear plugs along, as they make travel cat naps much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

    Water bottles

    Wherever you go, travel accessories like water bottles make carrying safe drinking water very easy. From sturdy plastic ones to metal ones, there are a variety of water bottles available online. You can also get the ones fitted with built-in water purifiers that make regular tap water safe for drinking.

    Worldwide adaptors

    With the way we use our smartphones nowadays, they tend to run out of juice very often. To recharge them you will need a charger. But do you know that different countries use different kinds of plugs for their devices? If you are planning to travel overseas, then you will need an adaptor that can be plugged into the kind of socket they have. Hence, you should add a 4-in-1 adaptor to your luggage to cover all the bases.

    Safety locks

    There are many shady characters travelling around nowadays, who are always on the prowl to cheat some unsuspecting traveller of his possessions. While travelling in a bus or train, we must be very careful of our luggage and always keep them locked securely with safety locks. 

    Luggage covers

    Branded luggage can cost a bomb, and the rough handling they face during travels can tear your luggage or put scratches on them. Luggage covers are a great way to keep your bags safe from the wear and tear of journeys. These travel accessories also protect them from stains, water splashes and dust.

    Buy travel accessories online at great discounts

    Online shopping sites like Flipkart offer you an extensive catalogue of travel accessories from various brands at jaw dropping prices. Moreover, the return and replacement policies are also as hassle-free as their payment methods.

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