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Fragrances can be great mood enhancers and have the ability to lift your spirits instantly. They are also an essential part of the grooming routine. You can find a variety of perfumes across online shopping websites in the form of pure perfumes, body mists, and more. Skinn by Titan Raw is an Eau De Parfum for men with rejuvenating citrus notes, such as bergamot and lemon. The heart notes are floral, of geranium and violet leaves. Intenso from FOGG is a long-lasting Eau de Parfum for men. Wild Stone Code Chrome is a body spray for men with top notes of mandarin, heart notes of juniper berries, and base notes of cedarwood. Whisky Smoke by BEARDO is an Eau De Parfum for men. The top notes consist of whisky and tobacco, middle notes of coriander, cinnamon, and vanilla, and the base note is an amalgamation of patchouli, leather, and sandalwood. Good Morning Freshness by PARK AVENUE is a body spray for men that provide up to eight hours of freshness with its freshness lock technology. You can check out the choices available for fragrances in India and select the ones that suit your preferences. Delight your senses with classic fragrances by placing an order online. You can also gift perfumes to your friends and loved ones to put a smile on their faces. 


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Fragrances - For your Unique Style and Personality

Nothing is more unpleasant than bad body odour. Which is why we should have a bottle of good scent at our disposal. Good fragrance can easily lift our mood and evoke beautiful memories associated with it. Scents are usually made differently for men and women. While feminine scents are mostly floral and fresh, men’s scents are woody and aromatic in nature. Finding a good cologne is not always an easy task. You should have a sound knowledge on aroma notes and scents before picking a bottle of perfume. It’s always good to pick scents that match your lifestyle. Thanks to online shopping, you can buy fragrances from the comfort of your home. From body mists and deodorants to attar and colognes, you can buy different types of perfumes from online stores. Popular brands like Davidoff, Jaguar, Fastrack, Engage, Ajmal, Denver, Nivea and Fogg have a vast range of scents to choose from. When you buy scents online, you can look at the scent family and the notes to make a sound buying decision.

A few scents that you can find online are:

a. Fogg Scent Eau de Parfum 

b. Park Avenue Good Morning , Cool Blue & Storm Deodorant Spray - For Men

c. Set Wet Studio x Perfume Spray For Men, Edge & Impact Combo Set

d. Nivea Whitening Smooth Skin Deodorant Roll-on - For Women

e. Yardley London Morning Dew Deodorant Spray - For Women

Things to Look for Before Buying a Scent Bottle

As we’ve already discussed, scents come in different notes, fragrance family and concentration that make them different from one another. So, let’s discuss a few things that you need to consider before buying a bottle of scent:

Concentration Level

Scents are categorised based on their concentration levels. There are usually three different categories of scents - eau de parfum, eau de cologne and eau de toilette. While eau de cologne has the lowest scent concentration of up to 4%, eau de parfum has a scent concentration of up to 15%. This makes them ideal for different occasions and places. If you’re going to a party or an event, you can choose to wear scents with high concentration and if you’re just staying at home or going to work, you can wear a scent with low concentration.

Types of Notes

A bottle of scent usually has three different types of notes - top note, middle note and base note. Top note stays for about 15 minutes after you apply the scent. Once the top note dissipates, the middle note starts smelling and it may last for up to 30 minutes. The base note is what remains once the top note and middle note vanish. It may stay for up to 24 hours depending on the concentration level of the scent.

Scent Family

Scents are usually from four major families - floral, oriental, fresh and woody. Floral family usually has rose, jasmine or lily as its smell, while fresh family has a smell of citrus or grass in it. The orient family has sandalwood or spices smell and the woody family has a smell of moss, cedar or vetiver.

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