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Add cute and colourful designs to your hair with the help of hair stamps. These fun tools help in adding a vibrant, glittery, and fashionable touch to your hair styling. You can choose from stylish stamp shapes like stars, hearts, butterflies, smileys, and more. Add these fun designs to your hair for a party, and let your hair do the talking. You can choose a single pattern or mix and match several options to create an attractive and unique hairstyle each time. These stamps make use of a gel formula with shimmery glitter particles and bright colours, to add a touch of style to your hair. The stamped patterns can stay in place all day long. You can easily brush it off to remove the stamped-on gel from your hair. Add these fun patterns to any of your hairdos, be it ponytails, buns, braids, or untied hair. It is also suitable for different hair lengths. You can also use these stylish hair accessories for your dances and other stage performances. Adding a touch of glittery designs can enhance the look of your hair. You can buy these stamps for hair from brands like Montus Shopee, MegaDeal, Find And Buy, and Framar. You can shop for hair stamps online at Flipkart.

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