A nail sanding pad, commonly known as a buffer, brings natural shine and a healthy look to your nails. While it can be argued that with thousands of shades of nail paints from hundreds of brands, we don't really need to worry about natural shine. However, buffers do much more for your nails than just offering shine. Even vibrant nail paint colours look better on long and strong nails. Buffing your nails increases blood circulation, keeping them healthy. It also promotes nail growth. Age and chemicals such as soap, detergent, and other solutions can create ridges on our nails. You can smoothen your nail bed by using a buffer. You can also get rid of discolouration or stains on your nails by regularly buffing your nail beds. However, make sure you are gentle while using a sanding pad. You should clean and file your nails before using a buffer. Nail buffers come with various levels of coarseness. You can buy a single buffer with large and small grits along with a shiner or opt for a combo pack with three separate sticks. Nail sanding pad prices depend on the type and brand you are buying. Brands such as FOREVER YOUTH, Kaiv, Elite99, Hues By Kp, Kai, and Reyansh offer various kinds and sizes of nail sanding pads online. 

Nail Sanding Pad

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