Body spray and body mist are basically the same thing, but are very different from perfumes. It is rather understood as a less concentrated form of perfumes. Most of the time people choose to use body mist after a shower. But, you can also sprinkle few mists on yourself during breaks. Compared to perfumes, body sprays are lighter and has more water based solutions. Some of these sprays available in the market are even infused with beneficial ingredients like aloe vera to nourish your skin. For e.g. Victoria’s Secret body spray for women (available on Flipkart) has skin-friendly emollients such as chamomile, pink lily, white cotton and aloe vera that gives a refreshing and smooth feeling.

    Unlike perfumes that has more essential oils to give a strong aroma, body mists carry very less oils which actually makes it more lighter. This is also a reason why they are not so expensive. Today, there are practically so many brands who have an extended line specially for body sprays, that you will never run out of options. Online megastores like Flipkart bring you wide range of body sprays for men as well as women from popular brands like Yardley, Revlon, Fogg Deo, Axe Signature, Envy, Gillette, Victoria’s Secret, Evaflor Whisky and many more. 

    Remember that these sprays lasts for less amount of time and needs to be reapplied from time to time. You can simply carry them in your bags or keep them in your vehicle while moving around. So, buy body mist online from the brand of your choice by placing an order on the well-known shopping websites. You can select any one of the secure payment modes for the purpose like net banking, credit cards or opt for cash on delivery too. 

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