For a layman, a cologne and a perfume are the same thing. However, there is a difference between both and before choosing either, you should know the same. With functionality being the same for both, the beauty lies in the ingredients. While perfume is concentrated with fragranced oils and other solvents, cologne primarily gets its name as it was introduced in the German city, Cologne. It is a mixture of essential oils or extracts blended with alcohol and water.


    Nobody likes to have a bad body odour. However, for some it might be a problem as they sweat excessively. With Eaux De Cologne, there is a fine way you can prevent this. With just a spray of a cologne, you can bid goodbye to body odour for long hours. They have a strong scent when compared to perfumes. Available in exquisite and designer bottles, they are the perfect addition to your collection. With an aura of cologne, your confidence gets that much-needed boost and fashion also retains its position perfectly. With a variety of fragrances to choose from, you can afford to be choosy provided you know your personality. You can pick out your favourite fragrances in aquatic, citrus, floral, fresh, oriental and woody tones.


    Flipkart offers a wide array of Eaux De Cologne to add to your fashionable side. You can choose one, order it online from the comfort of your home, and get it delivered right to your doorstep. You can choose from top brands like Chicco, Dana, Davidoff, Estee Launder and Coty and add to your luxurious products. With Flipkart’s convenient payment options like cash on delivery, net banking and credit or debit cards, shopping becomes fun and exciting. It also offers easy returns and replacement policies to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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