Founded by and named after Hugo Boss, this German company has successfully established itself as a luxury brand since 1924. Since its inception, it was a supplier to the Nazi party during the world wars. Today, it boasts of 6,102 outlets sketched across the globe, divided among franchise holders and exclusive shops.

    Flipkart has an impressive range of Hugo Boss fragrances that can cater to consumers from all stratas. Luxury perfumes such as Hugo Boss EDT flaunt a fruity and floral aroma, captured in a fancy bottle that is sure to impress one and all. Eau De Toilettes from Hugo Boss promise a long lasting fragrance, that often blends the richness of apple and citrus fruits with sandalwood amber and musk. Flaunt the classic fragrance in parties and enjoy the attention.

    Buy Hugo Boss perfumes on Flipkart and avail unbelievable discounts and offers. You can choose to pay by cash on delivery of the product or by credit card. If you are unhappy with the product received, you could use the 30 day exchange policy and get the desired product in hand.
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