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    Hair Treatment: Put An End To All Your Hair Woes

    Hair Play

    We all like to look our best – from our clothes to our faces. And our hair plays a critical role—mattering the most when it comes to our faces.  Some like their hair wet and shiny, while others prefer a wavy look. Each individual with a different requirement. Most of us have worked extra hard to set our hair in place for (say) a date you are about to go on or the party you are about to attend, or, for that matter, an interview.

    Hair Treatments For Different Hair Problems

    Playing with hair could be fun, yet, it could also be harmful. Our changing lifestyles have led to erratic sleep patterns and on-the-go food, leading to malnourishment: the bane of all hair related problems. Many times, hair styling leads to several hair problems, forcing you to take hair treatments to ensure that you have luscious hair. When you see balding patches or hair stuck to your comb, fear not. The assortment of hair products available in the market and online come to the rescue. These hair treatment solutions cover a range of hair problems and issues: damage repair, hair fall, hair volume, nourishment and moisture.

    Cosmetics companies around the world are heavily invested in formulating better products for hair treatments. They have segregated their products, categorising them according to the nature of hair treatment they provide. A shining example is System Professionals, who have formulated a hair mask to repair damaged hair. Their Luxe Oil protects the keratin in the hair; its jojoba content works on ridding your hair of dry ends.   If you prefer alternative & natural treatments, BIO Organic’s Hibiscus Powder is a great product. Made from scratch with unadulterated fresh crops, it is a dry hair treatment that nourishes and counters premature greying. Another contribution from the world of naturopathy is Herbal Bionature Nutritiva’s intense hair mask. A styling cream rich with vitamin complex extracts from around 21 plants, it provides a base for better absorption of nutrients and amino acids.

    The cosmetics giant L’Oreal takes hair-care to another level with its latest offering: Repairing Creambath. A hair mask cream that makes the hair fabric softer and shinier. The packaging suggests to add a steam application or a hot towel wrap for enhanced hair treatment results. What Repairing Creambath effectively does is repair the fiber, reconstruct the matrix of each strand, and replenish the cuticle. A complete hair spa at home!

    Hair Care Tips

    Hair should not be washed everyday; it becomes more fragile and prone to breakage when wet. Always be careful while combing wet hair; make use of a broad tooth comb, running it gently through, from the roots to the ends. Trim your hair every few weeks to rid them of split ends. Try to use a single brand of shampoo and conditioner and avoid mix ‘n’ match. Make sure your hair is protected by a serum while coloring.  

    You have so many options to pick and choose from when it comes to hair treatments, but you must take care you pick the right product. Research your products online before you buy them. Check the ingredients and make sure there are no elements that might not work for your hair type. Finally, do a small patch/strand test before a full out application. Invest to give your hair the best hair treatments as it is the crown you never take off.

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