Body fat analyzers have been designed to measure the fat content in the human body. These are used by doctors, nurses, health practitioners and exercise physiologists to understand the body fat percentage of their client or patient so that they can make a correct diagnosis and help the individual with their concerns. Once the individual's vitals such as height, weight and age are fed into the Body Fat Analyzer a current is passed through the individual's body via the contact points on the handle of the BIA. The time taken for the current to pass through one point to the other will determine a person's Body Fat Index. Brands like Beurer, Equinox, Omron, JSB and My Wings are some of the major sellers of Body Fat analyzers. You can avail their products easily from within the comfort of your home by placing an order for them on Flipkart. You can buy online and make the payment also online while placing the order; you can also choose to pay in cash after the product arrives at your doorstep. Shopping doesn't get easier than this.
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