Kajal is one of the most essential makeup that you find in every woman\'s bag. It has the power to enhance beauty with just a stroke. The use of kajal dates back to centuries and is used till date by women and men. Yes, men! Kajal is applied on the eyelids to contour and highlight the eyes but nowadays the use of kajal is applied in different styles not only on the eyelids but also on the upper lash line. You can look different everyday just by applying kajal in different ways. Applying kajal in different ways is fun as you can experiment with your look everyday and it is also a versatile idea.

    Black kajal is the most common of all colours that are available in the market as it is one of the most easiest ways to try out simple makeup ideas. Black is a colour that suits all skin tone and is thus the most common and a must-have colour in every girl\'s vanity box. However, kajal is available in a range of colours like purple, blue, grey and many more. Smoky eyes and winged eyes are two of the most common and beautiful eye makeup that are loved by girls.

    You can buy Kajal online from Flipkart which offers fast delivery. Flipkart provides you with a range of brands that offer kajal. Some of the brands are Lakme Kajal, Maybelline, Shahnaz, Avon Kajal and Coloressence. You can use the extensive refiners to select the colour, price range, kajal form like stick or pencil. Payment is easy and secure with options like cash on delivery, credit or debit card and net banking.

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