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Nail Products - Paint it Red

Nail polish originated in China around 3000 BC. It was then made of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes. The ruling class use nail polish to distinguish themselves from the general population. Colours that were metallic in nature like silver and gold symbolized power and wealth. The difference in the usage of nail polish between China and other ancient civilizations was that this cosmetic product was not allowed to be used by the general population in China. It might be shocking but there are several reports of public execution of common people who were caught with coloured nails. 

From China, the nail polish spread across India, Middle East and northern Africa, where it was extensively used in Egypt. In ancient Egypt, nail polish was a way to identify the class of a person. It was used to signify class rankings. People from the lower class usually wore nude and light colours while red nail paints were used by the high society. A completely colourless version of the nail polish was introduced in 1916 inspired by automobile paint.

Renowned makeup artist Michelle Menard formulated the glossy nail lacquer similar to ones you see on cars. She perfected the formula which gained immense popularity amongst “flappers” (an archaic term for women who did not do what society expected of them). This led to the beginning of the cosmetic house Revlon. In the year 1932, Revlon released a cream colour nail polish and became the first established nail polish brand. Revlon sold its nail enamel in a wide variety if colours before expanding into lipstick and other makeup products.

Although, examples of nail products can be found in many ancient civilizations, cosmetic products reached popularity only in modern times.

Nail care has always been given importance in high fashion but it was only in the late 17th century that portraits of women with shiny nails started appearing. Nail care and other cosmetic products became widely accepted from that point on during the Victorian age. As centuries went, manicures and nail polish became commonplace and in France during the 18th century, nail polish was run-of-the-mill. 
Mary Cobb was the first known American manicurist who introduced Britain and the United States to modern nail manicuring. She opened America’s first manicure parlour in Manhattan and named it “Mrs. Pray’s Manicure”. Mary Cobb also developed her own line of products and created one of the first at-home manicure guides. One of her biggest contributions was the invention of the Emory board or nail file.

Worldwide Spread of Nail Products

By the end of the 19th century, this cosmetic product was widely used by the general population in France, England, Italy and United States. In the early 20th century manicures became more popular in France as manicure establishments started appearing in great numbers.
Hollywood celebrities like Rita Hayworth and Uma Thurman set trends with their bold nail colour choices in the early 90s. The fascination with red nail polish remained constant throughout history and still continues today.    

Nail Polish Online

Nail Products can be found in every possible colour and opacity these days. It is extremely easy to purchase nail polish online as you can browse through all of the available colours and choose the one that suits you the most.

How to Choose a Nail Product?

Nude polishes constantly top the most popular lacquer lists but it is important to pick the right nude shade. Celebrity manicurist Elle feels that people with fair skin tones should opt for sheer pinks than beige because beige might end up looking yellowish. The bright red colour in a nail polish suits almost all skin tones according to nail product specialists. Similarly, the colour navy also looks beautiful on everyone.

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