The tender skin on the face becomes irritated and dry after a close shave. Aftershaves are used to calm and soothe the skin after shaving. Many varieties of after saves have been created to suit different skin types. Aftershaves are also formulated to desensitize the skin, close the pores, invigorate the skin cells and also to leave behind a pleasant fragrance. You can choose from a horde of brands like Axe, Brut, Old Spice, Biotique, Fabindia, Gatsby, Gillette, Loreal Paris, Playboy, VLCC and many more. All this is brought to you by Flipkart, the megastore within the comfort of your living room or office cubicle. You can place your order and be assured that the merchandise will be delivered at your doorstep at your convenience. You can choose to pay in cash after the delivery or pay online while ordering it from Flipkart. Now, you will not have to wait for a weekend to get your supplies replenished, wherever you are and no matter what time it is you can go shopping anytime.
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