Beginning Theory an Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory

Beginning Theory an Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory (English, Paperback, Barry Peter)


Beginning Theory an Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory  (English, Paperback, Barry Peter)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Viva
    • Genre: Literary Criticism
    • ISBN: 9788130915685, 8130915685
    • Pages: 338
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  • Description

    Beginning Theory: An Introduction To Literary And Cultural Theory is an excellent study material for the students of literary and cultural theory subject. The book with its exhaustive and informative content offers great insights into the nuances of literature and recent developments in it.

    Summary Of The Book

    The maze of literary and cultural theories can very easily confuse students of the subject. However, the book Beginning Theory: An Introduction To Literary And Cultural Theory has come to the rescue of many learners for more than a decade as they attempt to navigate through this maze. Now the third edition of this book, with its expanded and fresh content promises to offer even better help to students as they try to gain a strong-hold in this complex subject.

    In the subject of literary and cultural theory, the bevy of theorists, their approaches and the technical language used can leave any reader perplexed when it comes to understanding it. The book, with its clear and concise presentation, very expertly and effectively unravels the mysteries surrounding the subject. Some important topics covered in the book include study of the history of English, critical theories, Freudian principles, feminism and lesbian criticism, narratology and cognitive poetics. Importantly, there is a selected readings chapter at the end of every discussion, which helps to better the understanding of each topic.

    What makes this book by Peter Barry stand apart from the rest is the fact that it does not take any particular stand regarding various critics and their theories. Instead, Barry has allowed his readers to build their individual ideas based on the information he has provided in the text. In allowing readers to develop their own thoughts about critics and theories, Barry has given students a scope to greatly improve the understanding of the concepts of the complex subject.

    Also, the updated third edition of Beginning Theory: An Introduction To Literary And Cultural Theory contains two new chapters. One among these, namely, Literary Theory - A History in Ten Events very ingeniously reviews the course of theory. The other new chapter, Theory after ‘Theory’ takes a deep look at the various ‘isms’.

    Beginning Theory: An Introduction To Literary And Cultural Theory is well-organized and easy-to-understand manner, is a must-read for all students of the literary and cultural theory. The book which is widely used as a text for teaching literary theory has sold as many as 1,60,000 copies since its publication.

    About Peter Barry

    Peter Barry is a teacher, an author and researcher in English literature.

    Barry’s other publications include Issues in Contemporary Literary Theory, New British Poetries: The Scope of the Possible, Contemporary British Poetry and the City, Literature in Contexts and English in Practice.

    Barry is currently a Professor in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University. His primary teaching interests are in 20th and 21st century literature, Romanticism, short story, theory of English literature and literary theory. He is also interested in furthering research in these topics. Apart from writing books, Barry has penned chapters for several books and has published more than 40 articles in journals.

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    Table of Contents
      • Acknowledgements
      • Preface to the second edition
      • Preface to the third edition
      • Introduction
      • About this book
      • Approaching theory
      • My own ‘stock-taking’
      • Theory before ‘theory’ — liberal humanism
      • The history of English studies
      • Ten tenets of liberal humanism
      • Literary theorising from Aristotle to Leavis some key moments
      • Liberal humanism in practice
      • The transition to ‘theory’
      • Some recurrent ideas in critical theory
      • Selected reading
      • Structuralism
      • Structuralist chickens and liberal humanist eggs
      • Signs of the fathers — Saussure
      • The scope of structuralism
      • What structuralist critics do
      • Structuralist criticism: examples
      • Selected reading
      • Post-structuralism and deconstruction
      • Some theoretical differences between structuralism and post-structuralism
      • Post—structuralism — life on a decentred planet
      • Structuralism and post—structuralism – some practical differences
      • What post—structuralist critics do
      • Deconstruction: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Postmodernism
      • What is postmodernism? What was modernism?
      • ‘Landmarks’ in postmodernism — Habermas, Lyotard and Baudrillard
      • What postmodernist critics do
      • Postmodernist criticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Psychoanalytic criticism
      • Introduction
      • How Freudian interpretation works
      • Freud and evidence
      • What Freudian psychoanalytic critics do
      • Freudian psychoanalytic criticism: examples
      • Lacan
      • What Lacanian critics do
      • Lacanian criticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Feminist criticism
      • Feminism and feminist criticism
      • Feminist criticism and the role of theory
      • Feminist criticism and language
      • Feminist criticism and psychoanalysis
      • What feminist critics do
      • Feminist criticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Lesbian/gay criticism
      • Lesbian and gay theory
      • Lesbian feminism
      • Queer theory
      • What lesbian/gay critics do
      • Lesbian/gay criticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Marxist criticism
      • Beginnings and basics of Marxism
      • Marxist literary criticism: general
      • ‘Leninist’ Marxist criticism
      • ‘Engelsian’ Marxist criticism
      • The present: the influence of Althusser
      • What Marxist critics do
      • Marxist criticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • New historicism and cultural materialism
      • New historicism
      • New and old historicisms — some differences
      • New historicism and Foucault
      • Advantages and disadvantages of new historicism
      • What new historicists do
      • New historicism: an example
      • Cultural materialism
      • How is cultural n different from new historicism?
      • What cultural materialist critics do
      • Cultural materialism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Postcolonial criticism
      • Background
      • Postcolonial reading
      • What postcolonial critics do
      • Postcolonial criticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Stylistics
      • Stylistics: a theory or a practice?
      • A brief historical account: from rhetoric, to philology, to linguistics, to stylistics, to new stylistics
      • How does stylistics differ from standard close reading?
      • The ambitions of stylistics
      • What stylistic critics do
      • Stylistics: examples
      • Note
      • Selected reading
      • Narratology
      • Telling stories
      • Aristotle
      • Vladimir Propp
      • Gerard Genette
      • ‘Joined-up’ narratology
      • What narratologists do
      • Narratology: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Ecocriticism
      • Ecocriticism or green studies?
      • Culture and nature
      • Turning criticism inside out
      • What ecocritics do
      • Ecocriticism: an example
      • Selected reading
      • Literary theory — a history in ten events
      • The Indiana University ‘Conference on Style’, 1958
      • The Johns Hopkins University international symposium, 1966
      • The publication of Deconstruction and Criticism, 1979
      • The MacCabe Affair, 1981
      • The publication of Eagleton’s Literary Theory: An Introduction, 1983
      • J. Hillis Miller’s MLA presidential address, 1986
      • The Strathclyde University ‘Linguistics of Writing’ conference, 1986
      • The scandal over Paul de Man’s wartime writings, 1987—88
      • Jean Baudrillard and ‘The Gulf War never happened’, 1991
      • The Sokal Affair, 1996
      • Theory after ‘Theory’
      • Legacies of theory
      • Presentism
      • Presentism in practice
      • New aestheticism
      • New aestheticism in practice
      • What to read on new aestheticism
      • Cognitive poetics
      • Cognitive poetics in practice
      • What to read on cognitive poetics
      • Appendices
      • Appendix I Edgar Allan Poe, ‘The Oval Portrait’
      • Appendix 2 Dylan Thomas, ‘A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London’
      • Appendix 3 William Cowper, ‘The Castaway’
      • Where do we go from here? Further reading
      • General guides
      • Reference books
      • General readers
      • Applying critical theory: twelve early examples
      • Against theory
      • Index
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    Worth the money

    Gud one. Rich in theory and worth it for research and thesis

    Flipkart Customer

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    Oct, 2017

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    Worth every penny

    Good product .... thanks flip kart..

    sunil kaiwart

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    Sep, 2016

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    intends to talk about the literary theory, with diverse definitions to all the 'isms' and practical criticism .

    The book fulfils adequate amount of description about latest literary terms and manages to describe all kinds of criticism, and other post modern beliefs about language, by giving reference from famous linguists of all times. Overall it seems to encompass all the required and pivotal summary of 'theory', and of many relevant terms which may or may not define the world , according to your own personal ideology.

    puneet sharma

    Certified Buyer, Faridabad

    Mar, 2014

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    Perfect product!

    Been too helpful. Fast delivery and brillant quality


    Certified Buyer, Ponnani

    Dec, 2017

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    Best in the market!


    ananya biswas

    Certified Buyer, Jalpaiguri

    2 months ago

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    Best in the market!

    Book is a must for beginners... Packaging n delivery timing was also up to the mark 👍

    Flipkart Customer

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    4 months ago

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    Not recommended at all

    letters not clear

    Amal Joseph

    Certified Buyer, Kasargode

    5 months ago

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    Mind-blowing purchase

    if u r studying ENG literature then this book is a must buy book .

    NiTish Jha

    Certified Buyer, Ranchi

    7 months ago

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    Could be way better

    The printing is not that clear.....

    Flipkart Customer

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    8 months ago

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    Just wow!


    Flipkart Customer

    Certified Buyer, Coimbatore

    8 months ago

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    Questions and Answers
    Q:What is the content of the book?
    A:The book talks in detail about various literary critical thoeries such as Structuralism, Modernism, Eco-Criticism, Feminism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, and many more that literature deals with.
    Akanksha Nupur
    Certified Buyer
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    Q:is there any disc with this book?
    Certified Buyer
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    Q:is this a text book or an audio book?
    A:Text book.
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