Belkin Basic (N150) Router

Belkin Basic (N150) Router (Black)

Belkin Basic (N150) Router  (Black)

293 Ratings & 110 Reviews
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  • Type: Wireless Without Modem
  • 150 Mbps Speed
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Internal Antenna
  • 3 Years Warranty
3 Years Warranty

This Belkin Basic Router, when connected to your cable or ADSL modem, lets you share your broadband access with all the computers within your network. The Belkin N 150 Basic Router is ideal for a home Internet connectivity, also giving you the liberty to surf the Internet on multiple systems within the network range. This Router has a link rate of up to 150 Mbps in 40 MHz Channel Mode.

The N 150 Router conforms to the current draft version of IEEE 802.11 b/g and some n features Wi-Fi Standard and uses a bandwidth of 20 MHz and 20/40 MHz (auto), offering you more number of channels. This gives you the liberty to switch the channel of your network and improve the router's performance, depending on the WLAN traffic and interference.

This Router supports various Internet Service Provider (ISP) Protocols like Dynamic, Static, PPPoE, Telstra Bigpond and N-Technology ISP.


The Belkin N 150 is a smart looking device, with curved corners and smooth edges, adding to its appealing looks. One of the corners of the router is carved out into a slanting flat plain, making room for its two LED indicators and enabling you to place it vertically.
The Router measures 140 mm in height, 63.5 mm in width and 140 mm in depth, and weighs about 590 g.

One of the two LED indicators shows the Router status, blinking when the device is starting up, and a solid green when it is connected to the Internet. The other LED, situated just next to the WPS button indicates a secure connection with a computer or another device.

Connectivity and Security

The technology of the N 150 Router enhances its wireless capabilities, allowing data transfer at speeds of up to 150 Mbps across your network. The device is also equipped with a firewall to protect your network from common attacks and viruses.

The Router uses the Network Address Translation (NAT) technology, saving you the trouble of adding IP addresses per computer within your residence. This enables you to share a single IP address across your network.

Integrated with 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port, this Web-based Basic Router lets you connect computers and other wired network devices to these ports using Ethernet cables.


You can keep a track of your Router's status through the Belkin Router Monitor application, which also helps you change network settings. This application lets you reset and configure the Router with ease whenever you change the Service provider or use the device in a different location.

Another significant feature about this Router is that the device supports a number of languages to enable setup and configuration in the language supported. Apart from English, the router supports German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

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  • Type
    • Wireless Without Modem
  • Model
    • Basic Router
  • Part Number
    • F7D1301zb
  • In The Box
    • Basic Wireless Router, Power Supply, Setup CD with User Manual
  • LED Indicator
    • 1 x Network status, 1 x WPS
  • Supported Software
    • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safar, Easy Start, Preset Security, Self Healing
  • Color
    • Black
  • Brand
    • Belkin
Operating Conditions
  • Operating Humidity
    • Operating: 10 % - 85 % Non-condensing, Storing: 5 % - 95 % Non-condensing
  • Temperature
    • 0DegC - 40DegC degree C
  • Power Supply
    • External
System Requirements
  • Operating System
    • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.4 or 10.5
Supported Protocols
  • Standard IEEE
    • IEEE 802.11b/g
Network Features
  • Frequency
    • 2.4 GHz
  • Bandwidth
    • 40 MHz
  • Frequency Band
    • Single Band
  • Wireless Speed
    • 150 Mbps
    • 10/100
  • Antennae
    • Internal
  • Number of LAN ports
    • 4
  • Number of WAN ports
    • 1
  • Number of USB Ports
    • 0
  • WAN
    • RJ-45
  • LAN
    • RJ-45
  • Number of Antennae
    • 1
  • Encryption
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup, WPA, 64-bit WPA2, 128-bit WEP
  • Other Security Features
    • WPS Push Button Security
  • Firewall
    • NAT, SPI
Additional Features
  • Other Features
    • Web-based password-protected advanced, ISP Protocols Supported: Dynamic / Static / PPOE / Telstra BigPond, N Technology
  • VPN
    • PPTP, IPSEC, L2TP VPN pass-throught
  • Height
    • 140 mm
  • Width
    • 63.5 mm
  • Depth
    • 140 mm
  • Weight
    • 590 g
  • Service Type
    • Carry In
  • Warranty Type
    • Repair / Replacement
  • Covered in Warranty
    • Manufacturing Defects
  • Domestic Term
    • 3 Year
  • Not Covered in Warranty
    • Physical damage and burn out cases are not entitled for warranty
  • Warranty Summary
    • 3 Years Warranty
Ratings and Reviews
293 Ratings &
110 Reviews
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It does what I expected...

I had an ADSL modem already, needed a wifi router to access net on my mobile and laptop, this does what I needed.

The setup was brief, the router detected all the settings of my internet provider (BSNL), had to just install the bundled software. Instructions during setup was pretty neat (Took me exactly 2 mins to complete setup).

The modem configuration page is well organized and easy to understand even for novice users (My wife understood almost all settings!).

Range and signal strength a...


Certified Buyer

28 Oct, 2011

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Horrible horrible horrible router from Belkin

Belkin routers are not all bad. I was previously using a different model of theirs happily for the last 3 years before one day it suddenly stopped working. That's when I purchased this model. Some of the problems I have with this router are:

- No automatic error correcting. (If you pick up the box and see behind it shows some comparison chart with this basic router and some more pricier models. One of the points is automatic error detection and resolution). At first I thought it's just a mar...


Certified Buyer

9 Apr, 2013

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Coming straight to point.

1. frequently connection lost.
2. too week signal strength, got poor strength even in same room.
3. No automatic error correcting.
4. it is not in black color. it comes with grey body.

Shreyas Sonkusale

Certified Buyer

29 Jan, 2014

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excellent deal!

The router packing was very well done, one end of the cords was already plugged into the router and the other end had tags with pictures to show how/where to insert! pretty neat and helpful for noobs :)

The installation itself was quick and easy..plug and play, since I use Linux on my PC didn't install the program on the CD, wasn't needed, it worked like a charm once plugged in.

I have a 4Mbps broadband connection and have been using my iPod for online gaming, so the data transfer/speed asp...

Veer Karan Rana

Certified Buyer

9 Nov, 2011

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Not meant for all types on net connections

Usually I blindly trust Flipkart for their products and this router was no different. But for my net connection (Static IP's) and a cable directly running into my netbook (W/O a CD Drive)this router just failed to work. I called up the Belkin support, which mind you, was a little difficult to reach, after more than an hour and a half's work, they declared, this needs to be replaced.
So, a word of caution, if you have a net connection similar to mine (w/o a modem), I say go with Netgear or som...

Parikshit Andhare

Certified Buyer

4 Dec, 2011

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Belkin N150

This is an amazing router, i get range upto 100 feet at my home. easy to understand and setup.

Sachin Meda

Certified Buyer

30 Sep, 2011

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Poor signal strength

This is delivered to me yesterday. FlipKart shipping is really good.
Router looks very good. Is has good signal in the room it is installed but in other rooms either signal strength is poor or no signal. My apartment's area is 900 SQ Ft and if does not work in this much area then it's not worth buying. I am going to return it.


Somesh Chandra

Certified Buyer

20 Oct, 2011

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Tested and configured this router over two types of connection: 1. for my existing PPOE broadband connection(where I had to dial using my ISP provided username/password)
2. For my new Alliance cable connection(where I was assigned a static IP by ISP as opposed to a dynamic IP setup previously)
In both cases the router firmware functioned excellently,and I was able to configure without referring to user manual.just enter in browser to access and open router setup homepage. Everythi...

cyan 64

Certified Buyer

23 Dec, 2013

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Worst product ever

Before buying any belkin product just search about there after sales services. It is pathetic. The router worked well for 1 year but then suddenly stopped working. On calling the customer service number I was asked to submit the product to Accel care center. After over a month I have still not received the product and neither have I received any reply from Belkin service center about the status of return.


Certified Buyer

20 Nov, 2013

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One of the Best Wi-Fi Router under rs 1500

I have been using this router for 2.5 years now without any issues. In the mean time I have changed 3 subscriptions over 2 ISPs (ACT & Airtel).
Never had any issue with the router for both the ISPs.
ACT connection was Fibre to Home (Optical Cablewithout a Modem) and Airtel connections were/are With Modem supplied by the ISP.
On both the connections I never had to do any type of set-up for the router.
For Fibre-To-Home (ACT) connection, I just had to connect the LAN Cable to the Router's Yell...

Swarnadeep Das

Certified Buyer

10 Nov, 2013

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