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    Black  (Games, PS2)

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      In the line of war, becoming a captive of someone and him or her interrogating you isn’t something that’s uncommon. However, when the torture that you are subjected to is simply too much, would you recap the grotesque memories of the horrific times on the battlefield and relive them? Developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts, Black is a single-player first-person shooter game for the PS2 console.

      With a rating of 18 from PEGI, the storyline of Black follows a black ops agent called Sergeant First Class Jack Kellar who is shown being interrogated and tormented by an unknown man who wishes to find out about the series of incidents that occurred four days ago in Ingushetia and Chechnya. An unconventional member of the CIA, Kellar agrees to recount the terrifying situations that he was posed with in order to quell a terrorist operation called the Seventh Wave that threatened peace on Earth on a massive scale.

      The gameplay sees you controlling Jack Kellar. You have to choose the weapons that you carry wisely as you can only carry two weapons at a time. Players can also carry land mines and grenades. This mission-based game gets progressively quite challenging. More often than not, you will have to collect blueprints, intelligence documents, and demolish parts of the surroundings. When you play various modes of difficulties above Easy mode and successfully complete them, you can unlock some truly incredible weapons and incendiaries!

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      • Title
        • Black
      • Series
        • Dragon Ball Z
      • Category
        • Games
      • Platform
        • PS2
      • Publisher
        • Namco Bandai Games
      • Video Encoding
        • PAL
      • Mode
        • Single-Player, Multi-Player
      • Genre
        • Fighting
      69 Ratings
      22 Reviews
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      By Certified Buyers 

      Black: Great PS2 game : Destruction

      Pros: Crazy Firepower, All you can blow Barrels, Oil Tanks, Use Silencer kill people, break glass blow up the building using a graneade. Pin-point Shooting pointer gives u a real feel. Kill as many people u can see. Good AI, if u are spotted u will be shot. Killing is like 1 shot kill with head shot, or empty ur mag into the torso. Only two weapons at a time.

      Cons: Lots of Cut-scenes u cant by pass. Weak storyline. explosion's can keep u interested for long.

      Deepak Puri

      Certified Buyer

      29 Feb, 2012

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      Blazing guns and super tactical... Killing people was never this fun

      I am yet to get over the feeling of being an undercover, black ops on a mission.. the choice of the ammo is awesome and the cinematic scenes are immersing... There are 4 levels and even when you are playing the same stages, you are bound to come across new twists and play the same part is so many different ways... Good Shit!!

      Twizted me

      Certified Buyer

      29 Oct, 2011

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      Met some expectations

      Cd is not working

      Salman Usman

      Certified Buyer

      2 Oct, 2016


      bringing back the old times

      this game reminds me of my college days when PS2 was a boom in gaming industry. For anyone who wants to excel in 1st person shooter games with tactics and difficulty levels then this is a start for you.
      I remember it took me almost 2 to 3 weeks to complete this game on hard mode as i was new to 1st person shooter games. since then i have been a fan and now i am one amongst the first to pick up games like COD AND BF.
      This is especially for all those kids out there who are now taking interest ...

      Shahrukh Khan

      Certified Buyer

      11 Feb, 2014


      Totally Mind Blowing

      The game is very good and the graphics are one of the best i have seen in playstation 2. Though the game is very fun but the missions are very hard and long making it very special. Black is highly recommended for PS2........


      Certified Buyer

      14 Nov, 2013


      Cool Game!!

      Graphics are stunning.. for ps2 and the gameplay is very good as well.. in my view best mission game for ps2..

      PraTeek MishRa

      Certified Buyer

      14 Oct, 2013


      A Great game !!!!!

      BLACK is the one of the most graphically advanced game for the PS2. at the time of buying i seriously didn't think the PS2 would be able 2 handle so much load.... but it works as smooth as butter. It is one of those games where u just blast ur enemies bodies and heads off !!! and what makes it more interesting is that each bullet affects the environment in some way...buildings crashing down, tanks bursting keeps u interested till the very end. And the sound quality is AMAZING !! most...

      Sagnik Saha

      Certified Buyer

      6 Oct, 2013


      Trendy, Futuristic & Seroius gameplay.

      The game has a serious story line. Graphics are good realistic upto expectatyion from EA Games.
      Shooting, Handling of character is also good. Enough length of game to keep busy for sometime. Could have beena long game but i m aware odf space & price restriction sof the game so that is ok.
      All & All perfect game for shooters. Go for it as many have.
      Job well done EA guys.


      Certified Buyer

      4 Oct, 2013


      7 years ago :)

      7 years ago played this game and ended it.....its just so wonderful......action packed and will not regret it......this is the one of the best Ps2 games i ever played i wish it would come for a PC version...


      Certified Buyer

      29 Aug, 2013


      One of the best FPS game

      Compared to BLACK, this game scores on graphics, sound quality. However, the games are a bit lengthy and you can't save in between. Otherwise its fab.

      abhisek sasmal

      Certified Buyer

      12 Apr, 2013

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