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Are you looking for smart and stylish blazers that will also keep you warm? Check out a wide range of new blazers in the latest patterns and designs online. They are available in various colours, from muted hues to dark tones. You can find solids, appliques, smart checks, and striped patterns. Choose between single-breasted and double-breasted coats according to your preferences. Some coats are crafted with lightweight and comfy polyester blend fabric. You can also opt for more breathable cotton blends. Look your finest at work by layering a new coat of unique pattern above a collared shirt. Add an extra flair with a matching square pocket and tie. You can also wear some blazers as casual wear above a round-neck or a high-neck T-shirt for a smart casual look. Feel comfy in a blazer when there’s a slight nip in the air. As the days get colder, you can layer heavier and warmer wear underneath the coat. You can also choose to wear them during summer. Brands like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, Flying Machine, Arrow, and others offer trending coats at the best prices online. Look online for a new blazer that will allow you to enter a hallway in style .Check out latest collections of blazers for men online on Flipkart at best prices. Price list last updated on 01-Oct-23.

Men's Readymade Blazers

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Men's Readymade Blazers Price List

Men's Readymade Blazers
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Buy Men's Blazers – Chic and Classy Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Online at

 Forget about what your colleagues say and put aside what you see on the streets; if you want to dress sharply, do so. The art of dressing sharply is an art form that seems to be on the decline. It’s okay to dress casual when the occasion demands you to, but what’s the harm in going all out and being suave. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good. It isn’t exclusively a girl’s thing. 

One reason why men and women all over the world fall in love with characters like Don Draper from Mad Men or Harvey Specter from Suits is because they know a thing or two about dressing right. People can say what they like, the truth is that there’s nothing more attractive than a man who makes an effort to look presentable. Channel the chic and classy look of the TV characters you so love; today is your day to revamp your wardrobe with classic men’s blazers.

 Three-piece suits and tuxedo suits will always be classics, but let’s face it, they aren’t ideal for everyday wear. Blazers are the better option for casual days or semi-formal events. Men’s suits have always been associated with class and power. Blazers are no different, except they take a modern and slightly less rigid spin to these aforementioned classic styles of men’s clothing.

The best part is that you can give your wardrobe a sleek revamp with just a few button clicks, thanks to online shopping sites. Online sites bring the latest and the best collections from brands like Blackberrys, Peter England, Van Heusen, and Jack & Jones into your living room so you can indulge in retail therapy without actually leaving the house. 

Finding Men’s Blazers Online for Different Occasions

A blazer in your wardrobe can be helpful on a variety of occasions, be it formal or casual, making you look smart and impressive. This does not just include formal dinners but other events too, like a date. Wearing a blazer over your T-shirt or casual shirt can provide you with a smart casual look, creating a huge difference that won't go unnoticed. All you have to do is have a look at blazers for men online from brands like United Colors of Benetton, Louis Philippe, Blackberrys, U.S.Polo Assn, Peter England, Van Heusen and various others to know what you miss if you are someone who doesn’t shop for men’s blazers. That being said, here’s a brief look at the different styles you will come across while shopping for blazers for men online.

If you thought that blazers are something you wear for formal events alone, a look at the range of men’s blazers online will surprise you as you come across blazers for men in different styles. There are blazers for formal events like weddings and festive occasions as well as blazers for parties and other casual occasions. With men’s blazers online in different sizes, you can easily find a blazer that fits you. So, when you can get a blazer the easy way by shopping online, why go through the hassle of visiting the store? 

The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when wearing a blazer. 

1. The blazer has to fit you well without being either too tight or too loose, which is why you need to refrain from wearing a borrowed one.

2. The color of the blazer should either match, contrast or complement the look of your shirt and tie. You also need to ensure that it doesn’t create a mismatch with the color of your trousers. 

3. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the color of the blazer is not the same as the trousers. This is something you normally do with three piece suits, not with blazers. 

So, if you are the kind who tends to gel your hair and leave the house in formal shoes on a lot of evenings, your wardrobe is incomplete without the following three styles of blazers. 

1. Single Breasted Blazer - The best part about a single-breasted blazer is that you can even wear it with jeans and a formal shirt for that semi-formal look, unlike double-breasted ones that are meant to be worn with a tie and formal trousers. You can even wear these without a tie and pair them with t-shirts. Unlike suits with double breasted blazers where you will have to put in some effort to ensure that the colors match, single-breasted blazers let you experiment with a range of color combinations. SUIT LTD has a range of single-breasted blazers online in a range of colors that you can browse through.

Single-breasted blazers, on the other hand, are fastened with buttons in the centre and don’t overlap like double-breasted blazers do. Single-breasted blazers go well for formal as well as casual occasions and this makes them a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. You can wear them with formal trousers on a formal business meeting or festive occasion. You can also wear them with jeans and casual shirts at a party or other casual occasions. For a casual look, you can wear your blazer with the buttons left open. Brands like United Colors of Benetton, Louise Phillippe, Blackberrys and ManQ have a range of single-breasted online in trendy designs that you can choose from according to what matches most of the outfits in your wardrobe. 

2. Mandarin Wedding Blazer - With buttons that go all the way up to a Chinese collar, these blazers give the wearer an elegant look which makes them the best option at a wedding of a close relative or friend. These can even be paired with jeans for a more casual look. A variation of this is the Nehru jacket that comes without sleeves. These are more suited for casual events where you can pair them with shirts and trousers that complement the look of the jacket. 

On a festive occasion, when a sherwani is not really what you want to wear, a Mandarin-style blazer can be the best option for you. These, as the name suggests, come with Mandarin-style collars, which are short stand-up collars that don’t fold. Apart from looking very smart, they are also very convenient and easy to wear as you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a matching shirt and tie. Mandarin-style blazers are available online in a range of styles from brands like Platinum Studio, Park Avenue, Raymond and various other brands. Apart from this, you also have a range of stylish sleeveless blazers from brands like Favoroski. 

3. Tuxedo Style Blazer - Like the Mandarin Wedding blazer, this is another option you have if you want to look formal and elegant. The shiny lapels are what make them different from ordinary blazers. Tuxedo style blazers are best when worn with bow ties and waistcoats, even better if the bow tie matches the fabric of the blazer’s lapels. 

Tuxedo-style blazers are the classiest of all styles with their shiny lapels. It is for this reason that this style of men’s blazers go well for dinners and other such formal occasions. Tuxedo-style blazers look the best with a bow. Yes, a tuxedo-style blazer can save you on a formal occasion when you don’t know what to wear, so if you don’t have one in your wardrobe, shop online from brands like Suitltd, Park Avenue and Envoy to pick a tuxedo-style blazer that can make you look classy and sophisticated on such occasions. Apart from this, you can also find tuxedo-style blazers for casual occasions from brands like Favoroski and Zobello. 

4. Double-Breasted Blazers - A double-breasted blazer is one in which the front flaps overlap and the buttons are arranged in two parallel columns to provide a dressier look. This makes it ideal for weddings and other such formal occasions when you are required to be more well-dressed. However, shopping for double-breasted blazers online, you will also find a lot of blazers in casual styles that can be paired with jeans and other casual outfits. Most double-breasted blazers come with four buttons though you do have some blazers that come with six buttons. If you plan to buy a double-breasted blazer, you can shop for men’s blazers online from brands like Envoy, Protext and Shaftesbury. There are double-breasted blazers in different colors and patterns that you can choose from according to the kind of occasion you need a blazer for.

How to Incorporate Blazers into Your Everyday Wear

 They say you should dress for the job you want. Live by this mantra. Nervous about an interview? Make an impression as soon as you walk into the room. Dress the part in smart blazers. Chances are that if you’re happy with the way you look, you’ll have no trouble feeling confident about yourself. Why just interviews? Throw on a blazer over your outfit and you’re ready for almost anything; from dates and meetings to parties.

Blazers Style 

Double-breasted blazers never go out of style. These jackets have overlapping front panels and two parallel columns of buttons. A more casual option are single-breasted men’s blazers. The major difference between the two is that single-breasted blazers have a single overlap and only one row of buttons.

Want blazers that have an ethnic vibe? Check out mandarin collar jackets. The stand-out feature of these men’s blazers is their slightly raised collars. Mandarin collar jackets are best saved for parties or semi-formal events.

Blazers Pattern and Material

Cotton or rayon solid print blazers are timeless, but if you aren’t shy about being the center of attention, try floral-print silk blazers or ones with polka dots or checks.

To check out the collections of leading lifestyle brands like Suitld, Protext, Beetle, Raymond, 

Envoy, and Zobello at the best prices, buy blazers online.

Buy Blazers for Mens Online

No matter whether it is a Mandarin wedding blazer, a tuxedo style blazer or a single breasted one that you want, you will find a range of them online from brands like SUIT LDT, Menjestic and various others. So, if you are invited to that wedding or formal event a week down the line, shop online to find a blazer that lets you enter a hall in style. 

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