Nursing is a profession that forms an intrinsic part of the healthcare sector. It is aimed at taking care of patients, individuals or families to help them recover or maintain their health. The approach, training and scope of practice provided by this field differentiate it from other areas in the industry. Nurses have a wide range of practice scope, and work under the direction of physicians or independently. Nursing, as a profession and a field of study has undergone a tremendous change and diversification towards more advanced and specialized areas.

    Flipkart has a collection of a large variety of books for students who are studying to pursue nursing as a career. There are books for basic nursing studies, critical care, surgical nursing and other aspects of nursing that will help students. You can also find books that are guides to various nurse recruitment exams. There are also dictionaries and terminology books that will be helpful while studying as well as throughout their career.

    These books are printed by popular publishing houses like Ramesh Publishing House, PHI-Restricted, JPB, Elsevier and others. You can get your own copies of these books by ordering them online from Flipkart. The books will be delivered to your doorstep and you can pay in the mode that is most convenient to you. Pay with Cash on Delivery or through online methods using credit/debit cards and net-banking.
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