Crime And Criminal Books- Some Fear And Some Shock

    There is something about crime scenes that draws us to it, making us curious and wanting to know more. This is one of the many reasons why articles of crimes are always on the first page and are the headlines of any newspaper. Our lives are so monotonous where we wake up every morning to have a cup of tea and then carry on with the day in the same way that we do everyday. This is why news that instills fear and other mixed emotions is always welcome, no matter how we react on the outside. So, if you are the kind that yawns when you are in the middle of The Notebook or any other romance novel, then what you need are books that will take you in the middle of a crime scene, where you guess whether the suspect should be the little boy's suspicious looking uncle or the charming neighbour next door. And with time, you are only going to get better in guessing the suspect, though at first you will be shocked by how it was the faithful servant who was with the family for the past five years.

    Choosing Crime Books
    While a lot of them deal with murder, there are other issues too that these books deal with, like espionage, bank robbery and other white collar crimes. The following are two crime books that you may not want to miss.

    1. Shantaram- The book is named after the nickname given to Lindsay, the protagonist of the novel who escapes to India after living a life of crime, making him one of the most wanted men in Australia.

    2. The Murder Of Cleopatra- The glamorous woman with the famous bangs is known to have died by a snakebite, but Pat Brown has some interesting findings for us.

    And it is not just fiction. You can also find a number of crime and criminal books that deal with crimes that have really taken place to know the kind of world that we live in today. For instance, Aarushi is a book that deals with the murder of a young teenage girl seven years ago in Noida, while Till Death Do Us Apart deals with the mystery behind the assassination of Henry Stockton.

    Buy Crime And Criminal Books Online
    So, go online and start having a look at the different crime and criminal books that you can start engaging yourself with from tomorrow evening. Click on a kind of crime to see the different titles that will appear on your screen. Get crime and criminal books online and immerse yourself in the world of mystery.

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