Getting Inspired With Women Autobiographies Books

    Curiosity, courage, patience and strength. These are just a few of the many qualities that make women so interesting, living lives that are so different from each other, leaving all of us with so much to share. They say, a woman’s greatest enemy is another woman, but if you were to ask me, I strongly believe that we women have a lot to learn from each other, like the broad-minded views that led Protima Bedi, the first wife of Kabir Bedi and mother of the famous anchor Pooja Bedi to become the dynamic woman that she was before she started her own dance school. The Diary Of Anne Frank is another woman’s autobiography that teaches us how strength of mind is one quality that gives a woman the courage to go on. Yes, in a world that is male dominated, with women living lives that are hard with a lot of sacrifices, women autobiographies are one thing that can help us stay strong and be a source of inspiration for those around us. 

    While there is a range of women autobiographies that you will find in bookstores and on online shopping sites, the following are three that you have to get your hands on. 

    Eat, Pray, Love- You may have watched the movie but there is nothing like reading the feelings that Elizabeth Gilbert shared with us during her time of enjoyment in Italy, spirituality in India and the mix of both in Indonesia. 

    Daughters Of Arabia- While a lot of us today live fun-filled lives where we can choose to go shopping in casual jeans and a T-Shirt, do you know what the life of a woman living with a number of restrictions is like? 

    The Diary Of Virginia Woolf- Reading diaries of famous people of the past will play an important role in educating us on the struggles that women in those times went through in their day to day lives. Like The Diary Of Anne Frank, this too is one woman’s autobiography that you have to get hold of. 

    Buy Women Autobiographies Online

    The above are just three of the many women autobiographies that you will find online. Spend an afternoon browsing through the different titles and clicking on the books for a gist of what is inside before you choose the women autobiographies books that you want to begin reading. 

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