While some of us liked spending our elementary school days reading books like Secret Seven and Famous Five, there are those others that preferred something scarier like Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. While the mystery was what appealed to some of us, the thrill of reading about ghosts and vampires were what were appealing for a few others. Which one appeals to you? Let us have a look at the difference between action and adventure books.

    Difference Between Action And Adventure Books?

    A lot of readers who don't usually pick action and adventure books confuse the two to be the same. But they are different. While action books usually have violence involved, adventure books mainly deal with exploration where the hero learns something new. Murder, espionage and other crimes are what you will find in action books. A lot of them even include characters like vampires and ghosts, giving the reader the feeling of horror. The following are some of the most popular series of action books that you have to pick up if you are the kind that enjoys reading action novels.

    1. Jack Reacher- This series of action novels revolve around the activities of Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman. This is enough to tell you what you are going to miss if you love action and don't pick these novels.

    2. The Hunger Games- This is a series of young adult action novels related to science fiction, with characters and actions that will make your hair stand on edge.

    Adventure books, on the other hand, are exciting and mainly revolve around the life of the hero exploring new worlds. A lot of them revolve around the themes of courage and survival. While a lot of them are fictional, you even have a range of nonfiction books that are based on true stories. A lot of them deal with hunting, mountain climbing and traveling by sea. The following are some of the most common fictional books on adventure.

    1. Indiana Jones- This is a series of fictional novels that you will find hard to put down if archaeology is a subject you like.

    2. Harry Potter- Well, you may have already heard of this one, but just in case you didn't know. These are one of the fastest selling adventure books revolving around the adventures of Harry Potter, one of the most loved fictional characters among elementary, middle school and high school kids.

    3. Clive Cussler- A lot of Clive Cussler's adventures revolve around activities at sea with storms and ships and a lot of adventure. The books have a range of themes with a few of them for kids too.

    Buy Action And Adventure Books Online

    Action and adventure books are in fact, very popular among young adults, and there is a range of them by different authors that you will find in bookstores and on online shopping sites. While romance books are pleasant to read, action and adventure books can expose you to a lot of things you didn't know, like crime and geography. Have a look at the range of action and adventure books online and pick a set based on what you like to make evenings at home more relaxing.

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