Travel back in time with classic books.

    They are timeless. They are classics. They are something you go back to again and again. Although there is no dearth of modern novels today, you can’t hold yourself back when you see your favourite classic book. They are like comfort food, or your favourite blanket that makes you feel safe and at times nostalgic. The most remarkable thing about classics is the way they take us to some bygone era and introduce us to the way people lived then. 
    For instance, you can look at the novels of Charles Dickens. Right from Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist and The Pickwick Papers to Nicholas Nickleby, Hard Times and A Christmas Carol, all his novels talk about an important period of history and the practices, both good and bad, followed by people at those times. The kind of language those writers used, the phrases, their style of writing, every element is different from contemporary prose. And often, we find that that’s just what we like to read.
    Some of the classics you must have in your collection.
    Classic books not only entertain us with their stories but they also make us aware of the kind of lives people led a century or so back. From issues like racism to the plight of orphanages, these books are your best guide to history. Let us look at a few that are a must in anybody’s collection of classic books.
    Treasure Island - Written by the Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, this classic talks about high seas, wild seamen, treasure hunting boys, pirates and chests of golds. This book is ideal for those readers who get an adrenaline high from reading adventurous tales. 

    War and Peace - A collection of classics will be incomplete without the mention of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Set around the time of the French invasion of Russia, this book talks about how Pierre Bezukhov, the illegitimate child of a count, struggles for spiritual fulfilment and fights for his inheritance at the same time. 

    The Old Man and the Sea - This book revolves around the life of Santiago, a fisherman, who goes without catching a single fish for 84 days. But when he catches a huge marlin in the Gulf stream, he struggles to reel it in and save it from the sharks. This book in a way tells us about the struggles of mankind to survive every day. Ernest Hemingway won a Pulitzer Prize For Fiction in the year 1953 for this classic novel. 

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