Reading cultural heritage books is like living in another time and place, with characters from a different race, with different issues to face and different feelings that they come across in their day to day lives. This will not make you more empathetic and broaden your mind, exposing you to the different traditions over the world. 

    Cross Culture Romance Novels

    This mostly includes a man and a woman from different countries, breaking the boundaries of culture and uniting in love. There is a range of novels with this theme. These novels are very interesting as they don’t just expose a reader to the problems that these couples face, but also educate them on the cultures of two different places over the world. Take, for example, An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham, where a young Western girl marries a young Aristocratic Arab Prince. You even find a range of cross-cultural romance novels with a lot of comedy to let you enjoy a good laugh at the end of the day. 

    Hispanic Cultural Heritage Books

    This Spanish-speaking race from Latin America and certain other parts of the world like the Caribbean and the United States have a culture that is rich and very interesting to explore. In fact, books that throw light on Hispanic culture have a lot of interesting themes like love, mortality, and passion. One of the most recurring themes in these books is personal identity. Some of the most famous books that throw light on this culture include Don Quixote by Cervantes, The Innocent Saints by Miguel Delibes and Time Of Silence by Luis Martin Santos. 

    Cultural Heritage Books For High School

    Reading from a young age is the best way of opening a child’s mind, equipping him with the knowledge to help him face the world around him. While romance books make a pleasant read and thrillers can be fun, cultural heritage books will open before him a world of knowledge, exposing him to the lifestyles of different people over the world. Reading about characters who are African Americans, Hispanics or even lower classes of Indians will make him more empathetic to people of different cultures. Some of the best cultural heritage books for high school students are Frog by Mo Yan, Between The World And Me by Ta Nehisi Coates and American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. 

    Buy Cultural Heritage Books Online

    There is a range of cultural heritage books on online shopping sites that you can have a look at and read the titles of before you choose the book that you find interesting and want to order. Cultural heritage books are not just fun but also very educational. 

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