Drama Books- The Joy Of Reading Dialogues

    While a novel narrates an entire scene, with an in depth description of the settings and even characters, a play is more fun, where you are left to imagine what Juliet’s balcony looked like. Yes, reading plays makes you more creative. What makes drama books so nice is the fact that you can get those characters on a stage. There is no greater fun than setting up a stage to resemble Juliet’s balcony and training your actors to be interesting characters of the Montagu and Capulet family. 

    Shakespeare’s Plays

    From the tragedies to the comedies to the famous romances, the plays of Shakespeare are timeless for readers of all ages. There are a lot of life’s lessons hidden in the plays of Shakespeare. Julius Caesar teaches us that a man’s best friends are his worst enemies. The downfall of Macbeth teaches us not to be overambitious. Romeo And Juliet teaches us what enmity can lead to. 

    While Shakespeare has always been very popular for his plays, there are also a range of other playwrights who have come up with timeless plays that are very interesting. The following are a few of them. 


    Have you ever wondered where those famous songs like Wouldn’t It Be Loverly and I Could Have Danced All Night are from? My Fair Lady is the movie version of Pygmalion, one of the best plays in literature, and believe me, listening to and reading the exchange between Higgins and Eliza Doolittle are two different experiences altogether. 

    Oedipus Rex

    Have you ever wondered where the famous concept of the Oedipus complex comes from? It comes from the age old play by the famous philosopher Sophocles, Oedipus Rex. No, telling you the story, even a part of it, is going to spoil the fun. Oedipus Rex is something you have to get hold of and read. Get the book online today. 

    Waiting For Godot

    This is for all those who like philosophical works that lead them to think. Have you ever come across the fact that our lives revolve around endless waiting, for love, for success, for wealth and so much more? Well, Godot resembles that thing that we are endlessly waiting for, portrayed beautifully by the two protagonists of the play Waiting For Godot. 

    Buy Drama Books Online

    Dramas may be a thing of the past and drama books may not be as popular as bestsellers and other novels. But even then, immersing yourself in those age old plays is a joy of its own kind, something you will not get in a novel or a bestseller. Have a look at some of the many famous drama books online and get some for your bookshelf. You never know when you may want to lose yourself in the dialogues of Shakespeare. 

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