They say that reading a novel is like escaping into another world as you turn pages and go from one chapter to another. While thrillers send shivers down your spine and romance novels take you to a world of imagination, there can be no greater escape than losing yourself in the pages of an epic book with characters that seem to come from another world with their strange problems and interesting plots. The following are the two most common types of epic books that you will find. 

    Epic Journey Books

    One of the most important themes in famous epics of the past is a long journey, where the protagonist or even the villain in the book travels a great distance for a purpose. Milton’s Paradise Lost begins with Satan making a long journey from hell to the garden of Eden. Rama makes a long journey from Ayodhya to Lanka in the famous Indian epic, The Ramayana. The journey is in fact, one of the most interesting parts of epic books written with this theme. A lot of books by J.R.R. Tolkien follow this interesting theme like The Hobbit and the different series of The Lord Of The Rings. Some other authors whose books revolve around this theme include Christopher Paolini, Laini Taylor and Marissa Meyer. If you are looking for a classical epic with this theme, there can be nothing better than the epics of Homer. 

    Epic Battle Books

    Another major theme that you will find in a lot of epic books is a long battle, usually resulting in the victory of the good and the downfall of the evil. Paradise Lost has the famous battle between Heaven and Hell while The Ramayana has the famous battle of Lanka. Epic battle books mainly fall into two categories. If you are the kind that is into science fiction, and you like plots set in space, epic space battle books are what you will enjoy. Books by Jack Campbell are a good example of these. On the other hand, if you are the more romantic type who likes reading about handsome heroes and plots with a lot of romance in them, epic battle fantasy books are what you are going to enjoy. From damsels in distress to strong and bold women, there are books with a range of characters that you are going to love. 

    Shop Epic Books Online

    There is also a range of epic books with zombies, vampires, dragons and various other supernatural characters that are going to keep you turning the pages the entire night. There are even epic books for kids with interesting characters that will keep them engaged and build their interest and curiosity. You can have a look at the range of epic books online and choose the ones that appeal to you. 

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