Horror movies are known for the sudden jump-scares, special effects and actors covered in gruesome, believable and gory makeup and fake blood. Once you have seen a horror movie, you are afraid to sleep in the room without the lights one. Heck, you might be even too scared to go to the washroom on your own. But a horror book, now that’s something beyond movies. Sure you can keep the book down for a few days, but if you have truly read a masterpiece, such as The Shining by Stephen King, then you will know that a writer has the power to keep you trapped in a spell of terror that movies can never match. Having said that, if you are stocking up on horror books, then boy oh boy, do we have the right list for you. 

    Choosing a Classic Horror Book

    Horror books sell because of the tense atmosphere that it creates and often the supernatural occurrences that you come across can get into your head and make you question your own grip on sanity. Let’s take a look at a few classics.  

    As mentioned above, The Shining is one of the classics. You might have seen the movie and had nightmares about Jack Nicholson breaking down your bathroom door and saying, “Here’s Johnny”. Now, if you have not read the book, then you should. It’s better than the movie and Stephen King is the true Horror Master. Another book that has received rave review is the Haunted: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Not for the fainthearted, this novel is actually a series of short stories that are strung together in the most horrifying and grotesque manner possible. For instance, in one of the stories, you have few characters participating in murder and self-mutilation. 

    Well, these two books are enough to give you chills for a long time. But if you look for horror books online, you will see that there’s a wide range to choose from. 

    Buy Horror Books Online

    Buying a horror book online is easy. You can order it online, pay using safe and secure payment options, and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered right to your doorstep.     

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