Do You Have A Good Literary Collection? 

    The best way to spend a quiet afternoon, according to me, is with an old classic that takes me back to women in puffy gowns and men on horses. Literary books like Jane Eyre or A Christmas Carol lead me to think, question and reflect on the conflicts that we go through in our day to day lives. This is the reason I treasure my collection of literary books, no matter how much I enjoy reading other books too. 

    The following are some of the things that you benefit from a literary book like you would with no other book. 

    Empathy- Yes, empathy, when you realize that all human beings make mistakes and no one deserves the punishment that Hester Prynne got in The Scarlet Letter, when you see how it is the constant bullying that Heathcliff went through as a child that made him the violent and aggressive person he grew up as and you see how it was his unhappy marriage to Bertha Mason that made Edward Rochester the closed person that he was. The lives of Oliver Twist, Huckleberry Finn, Pip and Eliza Doolittle are going to open your eyes to the sufferings that people have. 

    Language- It is true that novels today are simpler in style and thus easier to read, but trust me, those long sentences and rare words will go a long way in shaping your vocabulary and syntax to make you a better writer, and if not a better writer, a better conversationalist. And it is not just that. The different situations that you come across will go a long way in judging the way people think and feel, to let you hold a better conversation that people will enjoy. 

    Learning From People’s Mistakes- Yes, Madame Bovary made a lot of mistakes before having ended her life. Christopher Marlowe sold his soul to the devil? Emma almost lost the man she loved with her matchmaking skills. Learning from the mistakes of others prevents us from making the same mistakes, so we can live a life with fewer problems to deal with. 

    Browse Through Collections Of Literary Books Online

    You can easily find a range of literary books online. Research on the different kinds of books to find some of the best literary books and know the kind of story that would interest you before you chose a literary book online. Have fun scrolling down and browsing through the range of books, clicking on the books that will interest you. Start reading literary books to shape the way you perceive the world from today. 

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