Poetry Books: Short Lines With A Big Difference

    Sometimes it's not a long saga with many chapters that we are looking forward to at the end of the day. Rather, it is those few short lines by Robert Frost that lead us to contemplate on the purpose of our life and soothe us at the end of the day. Poems such as The Road Less Travelled can lead us to change the way we see our lives. Those sad lines by Sylvia Plath are enough to remind us of how life is temporary. And if you are looking for something to relax you, nothing feels nicer than those famous sets of seven lines from Shakespeare. Yes, there is something special about poetry books that is magical.

    And the best thing about poetry is that you can get back to those poems again and again whenever you feel like unlike a novel or a collection of short stories where it is no longer fun to be reading the story when you know exactly how it is going to end and what is going to happen next. Poems, on the other hand, can be read anytime. You can read a poem a hundred times, till you recall all the lines by heart. You never know when recalling those lines are going to be helpful in cheering you up in the middle of a difficult day.

    If reading a hundred lines is not really your thing, then you are the kind that would love those stanzas of short lines by Wordsworth. Those easy to read and sweet lines to the skylark, to the butterfly and to the cuckoo are great to read as you sit by the window. The collection of Shakespeare's sonnets is something you will love if you are the romantic type that likes to imagine and fantasize. Speaking of imagination, Twenty Love Poems And A Song Of Despair is a collection of poems you cannot miss if you are the imaginative type.

    And while there are some for whom those few short lines put a smile on their faces, there are others who
    would just put the book aside saying, "so what happened?". If this description applies to you, then ballads and narrative poetry are what you would probably love. Coleridge's Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner is one book that is sure to please you if you like scary and spooky stuff. If you are the philosophical type, the poems of Aristotle would provide the reflective person that you are with a lot of food for thought.

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    There is no one is this world that does not like poetry. Just find your poet and the kind of poems that you love to bring art into your life. And the best way of doing this is buying poetry books online where you can easily check out the different collections of poems and click on the titles that appeal to you. Research on the book that you have clicked on to know whether it will be of interest to you. Buy poetry books online and get more imaginative from today.

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