There’s one way to forget all about your worries and problems, and that’s through laughter. The best days are usually the ones that we spend in the company of loved ones, laughing at the silliest of things. Good company does matter. But there are times when you’re left alone. What do you do then? You could entertain yourself by watching the TV, or lose track of time watching random funny clips online, but you know what you can also do? Why don’t you try picking up a couple of humour books? If you’re an avid reader, humour books will give you the breather that you need. If you’re not all that into reading but wish to cultivate the habit of doing so, this genre of books is a good start. You see, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

    Humour books – Food for the soul

    Under this very genre itself, you have an extensive range of choices when it comes to the story plot. You can catch up on the adventures of the awesome twosome, Calvin and Hobbes, read a humorous take on the aftermath of the Earth’s destruction in Douglas Adams’ compilation of The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. If you’re into story plots that you can relate to on some level, you have humorous books such as Mindy Kaling’s Is everyone hanging out without me? and Tina Fey’s Bossypants, where both the writers give an insight into their childhood and growing up years. Mention of random hilarious incidents that are generously sprinkled all throughout these books will have you giggling to yourself.

    Then you have the bestseller Mrs Funnybones, by Ms. Twinkle Khanna herself. Witty and to the point, this is the perfect book to read on a flight. Grammar Nazis can be rather annoying. If you are unfortunate enough to know one, what you can do is pull a prank on him by gifting him Lynne Truss’ hilarious book on punctuation and grammar, titled Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.

    Then there’s the part where you get to judge a book by its cover. From paperback humour books to ones that are bound in hardcover, your bookshelf is going to love every new addition in this genre of books.If you want to check out books based on their binding type and the language that they’re written in, compare their price, and read reviews, from the comfort of your home, your best bet is to buy humour books online. 

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