Getting lost in the world of aliens, nerdy characters and queer experiments are something that you can get only in the pages of a science fiction book. If books like Mills And Boons and other romantic novels leave you yawning, then you are probably the kind that longs for a plot with more action, like space travel and colonization. The following are some of the most popular science fiction books that you may want to have a look at. 

    The Martian By Andy Weir- Having received great reviews and even a few awards, the chapters in this book are going to make it impossible to put down with characters like Mark Watney with his winning personality and Annie Montrose, the one person in the novel who is not a nerd. The ending of the novel is something you just cannot miss. 

    Divergent- “The choices that you make define you.” This is one of the main themes of this series of dystopian novels by Veronica Roth. You can either read them in the order that they are written, beginning with the first book or pick any one that appeals to you. 

    Books By Isaac Asimov- The collection of Isaac Asimov’s stories are what you have to look at, some of the most popular series being the Empire series and the I, Robot series. The author also has some short stories in his name that you are going to love. A Boy’s Best Friend is one of them that you just cannot miss. Some of his other famous books include End Of Eternity, Feeling Of Power and The Last Question. 

    Science Fiction Books For Kids

    An encyclopaedia is one of the first things we think of getting our kids when we decide that they need to have some good knowledge of the world around them. Encyclopaedias may be informative, with pictures and short details on different aspects of the universe. However, they may not be as entertaining as the scenes and characters found in science fiction books, making your kids more imaginative and giving them a greater interest in the subject. This will play an important role in making them successful in the long run. If your child doesn’t have the habit of reading, the following are some of the things you have to look out for when buying science fiction books for the first time. 

    1. Short Chapters- Children are not known for having a large attention span and a plot that keeps dragging is going to lead them to close the book with a yawn. Short chapters that help them reach the ending quickly are always something that children find more enjoyable. 

    2. Lots Of Pictures- Preferably in color. Kids love pictures as it improves their imagination, letting them enjoy the story better, unlike a black and white novel with a tiny font. 

    Buy Science Fiction Books Online

    Love reading science fiction books? You can find a range of them online by different authors and with different titles that you can have fun browsing through. Spend an afternoon going through the different science fiction books on online shopping sites and buy the books that you would want to read. 

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